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"Hurricane Fluttershy"

Flitter is a Pegasus Pony who lives in Ponyville. She's very close friends with Cloudchaser, whom she is almost always seen with.


As a little filly, she attended one of Pinkie Pie's parties as Cheese Sandwich first visited Ponyville. She was, of course, seen with her best friend Cloudchaser as the two danced.[1]

Flitter was tasked with joining the Weather Ponies of Ponyville in order to help create the largest tornado of any city in Equestria. She, along with her good friend Cloudchaser joined the cause and put her all into it, performing several intense excerises with other pegasi. Despite this, she, along with her friend Cloudchaser, were among the more vocal ponies against Twilight Sparkle's weird eccentricities. After Fluttershy's failure, Flitter and co laughed at her, causing the poor ponies insecurities to get the better of her. Despite this, after Fluttershy proved herself, she was visibly shown to be extremely proud of the yellow pegasus.[2]

She, along with Cloudchaser, made an appearance at the Coronation of Twilight Sparkle.[3]

Fufilling much the same role she had a few years prior, Flitter trained at Rainbow Falls for the Equestria Games[4] She, along with Thunderlane and Rainbow Dash tried to help the Breezies migrate to their kingdom, but they failed.[5] She would later to go on to make an appearance at the Equestria Games.[6] At some point, she flew near Derpy.[7]

Flitter was likely a good friend with Matilda and/or Cranky Doodle Donkey, as she was invited to their wedding, being among their "loved ones".[8]


One of Flitter's most striking qualities is her large, pink ribbon. She's an average sized Pegasus with a light blue coat and lighter mane and magenta eyes. She's commonly seen with Cloudchaser, possibly indicating a good friendship between the two.


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