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Species Pony
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
Nationality Equestrian
First Unknown

Soarin (also spelled Soarin') is a pegasus stallion and member of the Wonderbolts.


Friendship with Rainbow Dash[edit]

It is unknown when or how Soarin joined the Wonderbolts, though he was a gifted flier at a young age. He took part in a number of competitions with future teammates Spitfire, Fleetfoot, and Rainbow Dash, along with a number of other young Pegasi.[1] Eventually, he became a member of the Wonderbolts, and served as a judge during The Best Young Flyers Competition in which Rarity took part. Unfortunately, when he and his fellow judges tried to save Rarity after her magical wings burned up, her panicked flailing knocked them out. Fortunately, Rainbow Dash was able to save them by performing a Sonic Rainboom; Soarin and another Wonderbolt later left the event with her after she won the competition.[2]

Soarin and several other Wonderbolts later attended a Grand Galloping Gala that was also attended by the Mane Six. He purchased a pie from Applejack, only to drop it; fortunately, Rainbow Dash was able to catch it and return it to him.[3] He later took third place in a Wonderbolts derby in Canterlot.[4] Soarin was also among the guests at Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's wedding, where he once again met up with Rainbow Dash during the festivities.[5]

Soarin, Spitfire, and Fleetfoot were later selected to represent Cloudsdale in the Equestria Games. During an aerial relay practice session at Rainbow Falls, Soarin was injured and ended up in the hospital. However, despite his injury not being serious, his teammates didn't want him to rejoin the team, and attempted to recruit Rainbow Dash to replace him by lying about his condition. Rainbow Dash confronted them over this and chose to remain on the Ponyville team, while Soarin was welcomed back to the Cloudsdale team.[6]

Wonderbolt in action[edit]

During the Equestria Games at the Crystal Empire, Soarin took part, with his team taking gold in the aerial relay. Unfortunately, the experience was somewhat marred by Spike, who performed a poor rendition of the Cloudsdale National Anthem. He later joined a number of Pegasi in trying to stop an accidentally frozen cloud from crushing the audience; fortunately, Spike managed to defeat the threat with his fire breath.[7] Later, Soarin joined a force of Pegasi in attacking {{FIM|Tirek]] and Discord, only to have his magic stolen.[8] He later regained it after the Mane Six defeated Tirek.[9]

Soarin and Spitfire subsequently appeared in Ponyville for an event honoring the Yak Prince Rutherford's visit.[10] Some time later, Soarin led an inquiry in which Rainbow Dash-by then a member of the Wonderbolt reserves-was framed for leaving a falsified note that caused Spitfire to disappear. With help from Rarity, the real culprit was identified as veteran Wonderbolt Wind Rider, who was subsequently expelled from the group.[11] When Rainbow Dash became an official Wonderbolt and was nicknamed "Rainbow Crash", Soarin was forced to endure her attempts to get the name changed. However, he and his teammates later explained that they all had embarrassing nicknames, with Soarin being called "Clipper" after hitting a flagpole, and further expressed their admiration of Rainbow Dash and their happiness that she was now a full member.[12]

Soarin was later present when Rainbow's parents, Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles, interrupted a Wonderbolts training session, a performance, and an autograph signing. Despite the awkward moments, he and the other Wonderbolts came together to put on a private show for the two after Rainbow Dash blew up at them.[13] Subsequently, Soarin and his fellow Wonderbolts held a practice session near Camp Friendship.[14] Later, he was among the Wonderbolts questioned by Pinkie Pie about the pies she had often given Rainbow Dash.[15]

Further escapades[edit]

Soarin was among the Wonderbolts who helped to clear the skies above Canterlot for the Festival of Friendship.[16] On another occasion, Soarin joined the other Wonderbolts in telling Rainbow Dash about Las Pegasus' Wild Blue Yonder roller coaster.[17] During a subsequent derby, the Wonderbolts were knocked off course when Pinkie Pie began playing her Yovidaphone;[18] later, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo watched him and the other Wonderbolts flying in formation.[19] Soarin was later among the Canterlot ponies enslaved by King Sombra, though he was subsequently freed by the Mane Six.[20]

Soarin, Spitfire, and Fleetfoot later did a flyover during Cutie Mark Crusader Appreciation Day, creating a colored cloud trail to form the Cutie Mark Crusaders shield.[21] The three were also seen by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna during their vacation.[22] Soarin was also among the Wonderbolts who helped deal with some out of control weather prior to the final Summer Sun Celebration.[23] He also took part in the final battle against the Legion of Doom[24], and in the aerial display at Twilight Sparkle's coronation as Queen of Equestria. Years later, Rainbow Dash would remember him among her various friends and acquaintances.[25]


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