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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
OccupationLord of Chaos
Real world
VoiceJohn de Lancie (Friendship is Magic)
Peter New (Pony Life)
"The Return of Harmony"

Discord was a lord of chaos who, as the possible embodiment of chaos in his dimension, Chaos is an immensely powerful and unpredictable being. While ultimately on the side of good, Discord was once the greatest villain ever faced by the lands of Equestria. In spite of this, Discord was never truly "evil" per se, he simplylacked compassion for others and did what he desired without comprehending any consequences.


Non-Canon Relationships


Discord has a cousin named Eris, the princess of Chaos of her home dimension. It appears that the two never got along, with Discord being more jovial and playful while Eris was more destructive. Eris considered Discord a fool for wasting his powers on having fun, rather than destroying.[1]


Discord once had a relationship with the entity Cosmos. Cosmos was an abusive lover towards Discord, and a rotten individual in general. While Discord wanted to use his powers for fun at the expense of others, Cosmos wanted to burn things, destroy things, to hurt others. Though proudly considering himself a villain, even Discord was morally against Cosmos's action and attempted to oppose her.


As the incarnation of chaos and disharmony, Discord professes great inclination to these two subjects. Every movement that he performs is related someway with this. Discord possesses an outrageous sense of humor, many times grazing madness, which is strengthened by his powers of reality-bending.

He has a huge sense of showmanship and drama, and specifically enjoys dressing up with different outfits from time to time. He has a fondness of making idioms and expressions literal, such as "my ears were burning" or "when pigs fly", and also has a habit of telling bad or unfunny jokes, often in stand-up comedy, such as in "Make New Friends But Keep Discord", he makes a fool of himself on stage telling jokes that nopony laughs at, and the Season 6 finale, he uses a stand-up comedy act to distract the changeling guards.

As an extremely powerful entity, Discord considers himself above all of the rest, diminish magnitude to every setback presented before him, including those which suppose a threat to him. It could be said that Discord suffers from a superiority complex, something that has lead him to find himself trapped in a rocky prison twice. However, after every defeat, he learned from his mistakes. After his first escape, he did exaggerate the Elements' power and tried to get rid of them, however, his overconfidence implied his failure once more when after corrupting the mane six he thought they were not a menace anymore.

He has absolutely no sense of vengeance, as he is shown to no desire in seeking revenge on Princess Celestia for imprisoning him a thousand years ago, After the Mane Six petrify and later revive Discord from his stone form, he also no interest in taking revenge on them for defeating him once again. He is known to be a more "playful" supervillain, intent on playing and manipulating his victims rather than destroying them, as was seen in "The Cutie Re-Mark", Celestia and Luna are at his mercy, being forced to act in a mock circus, and he does not seem to have any intent on destroying them.

After he was released under Princess Celestia's supervision, he never interested in redeeming himself after hearing it what Celestia had said during his imprisonment and tried to find a supernumerary way to counter the Elements' power by manipulating Fluttershy for his own desires behind the trick of a false friendship, which eventually resulted counterproductive since he developed strong feelings for her. This leads to two prominent attributes in Discord's character. He is highly duplicitous, manipulative, uncompromising and unscrupulous, showing no hesitation in lying, tricking, playing filthy and diverse mendacious methods in order to achieve his goals. He also seems to have a rather sadistic and cold-blooded side to him, such as when he was gleefully lying back and watching Cherry Berry and Comet Tail struggling to get untangled from the Plunderseeds, and due to the fact that he constantly laughs at other's dismays.

In "Keep Calm and Flutter On", he is seen wearing dead bunny slippers and chuckling at the ponies' misfortunes at the dinner party. In fact, he is a supporter of physiological torture, as he enjoyed Twilight's despair once she found herself abandoned by her friends in "The Return of Harmony". However, if he can't obtain the expected results with his charming skills, he doesn't doubt in using the force to brainwash his victims. However, there is still some good inside him.

In the moment Fluttershy declared to consider him a friend, Discord showed to be really affected by this statement, as he mentioned that he had never had friends before. Many fans consider this fact as the motivation that drove Discord the way he is. Until the moment, Fluttershy had shown to see Discord as more than a monster but as a true "sweetheart" he hadn't realized how alone he was. If fact, he hated his loneliness that much that just for not being on his own again he renounced to domain the world as he had ever desired. However, since then, it seems that he still remains his annoying and mischievous self.

In "Twilight's Kingdom", it shows that Discord has begun to truly understand friendship with all of the ponies and fell guilty when he has allowed Tirek to drain their magical powers. He then asked Twilight for merciful forgiveness and thanks to her for saving him, also apologizing to Fluttershy directly. At the end of the second episode, it shows that Discord made friends even from Celestia and Luna - his formal nemeses. Twilight even included him into her kingdom "court" as one of her closest, dearest, and most loyal friends.

However, despite this, come "Make New Friends but Keep Discord", Discord still apparently struggles with understanding the concept of friendship, and still shows his mischievous, problematic and self-centered traits, feeling that he was replaced by Fluttershy's new friend Tree Hugger and that Fluttershy no longer cared for him just because she had chosen to bring Tree Hugger over him. As well, he brings the Smooze as his friend to the Gala, knowing about the Smooze's benevolent, but rather obstreperous, troublesome, disruptive, and dangerous nature, intentionally trying to cause mischief just to make his point to Fluttershy.

In "The Beginning of the End", Discord showed great interest in ruling Equestria when the Royal Sisters announced their retirement and was disappointed to learn that they planned to put Twilight in charge, though he was willing to accept this. He did, however, show great disappointment that Twilight didn't feel ready to take such a responsibility. So in an effort to push Twilight into accepting her new role, he took extreme measures by disguising himself as the legendary villain, Grogar, and gathered the most dangerous villains in Equestria so he could manipulate them into helping Twilight discover her potential. He also refused to help the Mane Six fight off King Sombra and pretended to be injured when he did help, and then gave an inspiring speech about their friendship to boost their confidence needed to win the day. But then he was angered to learn that the sisters decided to postpone their retirement and Twilight's ascension, considering the whole thing to have been a complete waste of time.

While posing as Grogar, Discord put on a serious and frightful demeanor that was enough to intimidate the other villains into submission. He claimed to be extremely patient and cunning, having awaited for thousands of years to take his revenge and is willing to work with other villains just for a chance to pull it off. Despite this claim, however, he was unable to tolerate his team bickering with each other, so he sends them on a mission to reclaim the real Grogar's Bewitching Bell in order to teach them to work together. When they claimed to have failed this mission, he only showed anger for a brief moment and then was pleased that they finally got their act together. He also will not tolerate disobedience, as he refused to bring back Sombra after he turned his back on him and used his death as an example to coerce the other villains into compliance. Unlike the majority of villains in the series, Discord (as Grogar) does not underestimate the Mane Six and acknowledges their teamwork as the key to their success. However, despite his seeming distrust of his cohorts, Discord (as Grogar) was gullible enough to believe their story that they failed to retrieve the Bewitching Bell, and was surprised when his cohorts turned on him and revealed that they had the bell all along.

After being betrayed and depowered by the Legion of Doom in "The Ending of the End", Discord was forced to warn the Mane 6 and the Royal Sisters of the incoming threat and admit that he brought them back for his plan to help boost Twilight's confidence. His ego and foolishness was the one that caused their betrayal. Though they are all immensely disappointed with his poor planning and putting everyone in Equestria in mortal peril, he constantly attempts to justify his actions through his good intentions. It wasn't until he was imprisoned with the heroes that he fully realized his mistake and vowed to make up for it, which he ultimately did by risking his life to trick Tirek into releasing the prisoners and staying behind to keep the legion occupied while the Mane 5 and Spike escape. Even after getting his powers back, he showed a new sense of humility as he bowed before Princess Twilight for proving her worth as the new ruler of Equestria. However, he was vengeful towards the legion for betraying him, as he was the one who suggested that turning them all into stone would be the ultimate punishment for them since it meant spending all of eternity together, and helped Celestia and Luna in doing so

Powers and abilities

Discord has a wide variety of powers that almost no one has been able to count on.





Behind the scenes

Voice actors

Language Actor Note
English John De Lancie John De Lancie's previous roles as Q probably inspired much of Discord's characterization.
Chinese (Taiwan) Yu Zhengsheng -
Dutch Fred Meijer -
French (France) Michel Hinderyckx (seasons 2-3), Philippe Résimont (season 4-present) -
German Michael Pan -
Hungarian Kornel Pusztaszeri, Karoly Kassai (S3E10) -
Italian Mario Zucca -
Japanese Shigeru Chiba -
Korean Kim Ki-hyeon -
Malaysian Azuan Wanji Shamsir S4E11
Polish Grzegorz Pawlak -
Porteugese (Brazil) Marcelo Pissardini (seasons 2-3), César Marchetti (season 4-present) -
Romanian Richard Balint -
Russian Nikita Prozorovsky -
Spanish (Spain) Juan Masotkleiner -
Spanish (Latin America) Enrique Cervantes -
Swedish Niklas Gabrielsson -
Ukranian Yaroslav Chornenkyi (seasons 2-4), Dmytro Zavadskyi (seasons 5, 6, Best Gift Ever), Andriy Tverdak (season 6), Andriy Alyokhin (season 7) -




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