LGBT characters

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Characters who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual or other non hetero sexualities or identify as their birth gender.

  • Pages sorted by ? are characters whose status as being LGBT were left up to viewer interpretation.
  • Pages sorted by ~ are characters from crossover events.


  • This includes queer coded characters if there's enough evidence. This includes characters such as Wiz Kid, who even though has never been confirmed as being gay, his relationship with Curly Winds more than implies as much, given the two have been spotted together at romantic gatherings, have held hands, blushed in each others company, etc.
    • Since Jim Miller had an open-ended response to whether or not Applejack and Rainbow Dash were in a relationship and the mobile game seems to collaborate this open-endedness, we assume that they both, at least, identify as gay/bi/pan.
  • This also includes characters who were intended to be LGBT, but for one reason or another, that idea was scrapped.
  • We only assume that other continuity versions of LGBT characters are LGBT if that version is nearly identical to the main version or if there's evidence that they are also LGBT.
  • Technically, all Transformers do not identify with binary sexuality or gender identity norms, but to keep this category from getting flooded, only characters who openly identify as LGBT in the crossovers will be listed.