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Rainbow Dash's guitar had the Union Jack plastered on it

The United Kingdom is a nation comprised of four countries, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. The only other country it borders is Ireland, but it is located near France, Portugal, Andorra, Spain, Denmark and Norway.

History with My Little Pony

Milky Holmes in London

My Little Pony was arguably more popular in the nation then it was in the country of its origin, the United States as several pieces of My Little Pony material was exclusive to the land. The most noteworthy of these examples was the My Little Pony Comic, a comic and magazine that was sold in the UK, though was also reprinted in Germany, Italy, France, and the Netherlands. Of these comics, only three writers have ever been identified, those being Hilda Young, Mike Wild, and Martin Gray, with art being done through the Spanish art agency, Selecciones Ilustradas.

Due to these British publications, several British places have been referenced in "in-universe" material, such as "Spike's Mailbag", a feature in which Spike would reply to letters sent in by fans in-character, some of these places include Kidderminster and Liverpool.

British media has also been referenced several times throughout the series, with by far the most notable example being Doctor Who, who has been referenced countless times, with the manga My Little Pony: The Manga going as far as to serve as a giant parody and homage to Doctor Who stories. The references, thanks in no part to the character Dr. Whooves, have become so well-known, that even Doctor Who itself has referenced it, by producing official merchandise with The Doctor in pony form.

Other aspects of British fiction to be referenced throughout the franchise, albeit largely in secondary media such as comic books, has been Harry Potter, which had several look-a-likes appear throughout Micro-Series #10, and Sherlock Holmes, which ha been briefly parodied in a few pieces of media, such as Equestria Girls Holiday Special. Coincidentally, the voice acting Milky Holmes provided their voices to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Another British franchise, 007, was referenced throughout Friendship is Magic #10, with Big McIntosh playing a parody of James Bond, while Tealove portrayed a 'Bond Girl'.


Equestria Girls

Rainbow Dash's guitar had the Union Jack pasted on it.[1] Wales is presumably located within it.[2]


My Little Pony ' Friends first aired in the United Kingdom in 1987 on CITV, which lasted until 1989. During 1988, the show began airing on TCC alongside Jem until 1997. Around the same time, it began airing on Sky One, as apart of the Fun Factory block with The Transformers, and finally, from 2007 to 2008, the channel ran on Tiny Pop.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic began airing on July 4, 2011 on Boomerang, though stopped airing after the broadcast of "Fall Weather Friends", though later began airing on Tiny Pop and its sister channels, POP and Pop Girl.

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