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My Little Pony Tales was the second My Little Pony television series, produced under the Generation 1 era of the brand. Unlike the previous series, Tales had relatively strong continuity and instead of having stories based around monsters/characters of the week, instead had a sizable, recurring cast in a moderately realistic setting. The series starred Patch, Bright Eyes, Starlight, Clover, Sweetheart, Melody, and Bon Bon as they had adventures in Pony Land.


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No. Episode Description Date Writer
1 Slumber Party The girl ponies spend a night at Sweetheart's home. Patch shares a bedtime story about a medieval would-be knight named Squire, who tried to tame the dragon Basil but failed. They hear a noise in the attic, but when they investigate, all they find is Sweetheart's cat, Springfield. Later, as Patch goes to sleep, she sees Squire's ghost, who requests her help in finding Basil.
Song featured: "Things Are Not Always What They Seem", sung by Patch.
July 3, 1992 George Arthur Bloom
2 Too Sick to Notice Bon Bon's youngest baby brother is sick; she feels ignored as her family cares for him. Bon Bon pretends to be sick to garner attention, but in the process, it puts her family in disarray. She confesses that she wasn't really sick, but then the flu spreads to her entire family.
Song featured: "A Little Attention", sung by Bon Bon.
July 10, 1992 Kayte Kuch, Sheryl Scarborough
3 Battle of the Bands Melody and her band The Rockin' Beats prepare for "The Battle of the Bands" competition. Melody is asked to look after her younger twin sisters Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling. Unable to find another babysitter, she takes them with her to the competition. She does her best to keep the twins out of trouble but the twins appear on stage. The Rockin' Beats wins the competition.
Song featured: "Sweet Music", first sung by The Rockin' Beats, Jing-A-Ling and Ting-A-Ling.
July 17, 1992 George Arthur Bloom
4 And the Winner Is... After having a dream that she won the Ponyland lottery, Clover wakes up and discovers she is the winner of two concert ball tickets. She must choose someone to take, however, in an attempt to please everyone, she invites each of her friends separately. They discover this gaffe, and chase after Clover. Mr. Bloom selects a random name, and picks Melody. Clover remorses about going while the others watch them on TV; she and Melody sell the tickets, and buy pizza so they can join their friends at home.
Song featured: "The Choice", sung by Clover.
July 24, 1992 George Arthur Bloom
5 Stand by Me TBA July 31, 1992 Kayte Kuch, Sheryl Scarborough
6 The Tea Party TBA August 7, 1992 George Arthur Bloom
7 The Masquerade TBA August 14, 1992 Marv Wolfman, Noel Wolfman
8 Out of Luck TBA August 21, 1992 Donna Harman
9 The Play's the Thing TBA August 28, 1992 Donna Harman
10 Shop Talk TBA September 4, 1992 Doug Booth




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