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FID1 Starscream.png
Species Transformer
Kind Decepticon Jet
Gender Male
Occupation King
Affiliation Decepticon
Nationality Cybertronian
Residence Cybertron
First Friendship is Magic #18
Last Fiendship in Disguise #1

King Starscream was a member of the Decepticon forces, second only to Megatron.


On Cybertron before the Space bridge activated, the Decepticon and Autobots where in a battle of unclear circumstances. After the doorway bridged Cybertron with Equestria, Starscream, along with Dirge and Ramjet found themselves in Manehattan, where Starscream crowned himself king using the forced labor of Rarity, Stärke Kragen, Blue Bobbin, Betsey Trotson, and Plaid Stripes, all employees of Rarity For You.

After detecting sarcasm from Rarity, Starscream grew angry but was soon attacked by Arcee. With Rarity, Arcee defeated Starscream and his forces, even after they transformed into their Decepticon Jet modes.[1]


Starscream was vain and cowardly; proclaiming himself king over subjects he considered weak, but fleeing the minute he felt credible resistance, only to attempt to sneak attack and fail afterwards.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Starscream first on an alternate cover of Friendship is Magic #18. Starscream's inclusion with Rainbow Dash may be a reference to ScrewAttacks DEATH BATTLE series. One of the earlier battles was a battle between Starscream and Rainbow Dash. Needless to say, this battle was quite controversial in both the Transformers and My Little Pony fanbases.

He made his first narrative appearance in Fiendship in Disguise #1.

In other media[edit]

Starscream consistently appears as an antagonist and very rarely a hero or antihero in the Transformers franchise, where he is often paired with Megatron.


Friendship is Magic comic
Friendship in Disguise



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