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Cyber Applejack
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Applejack Dreams of Robot Ponies

— Cyber Applejack[source]

Cyber Applejack is a female Robot named for and resembling Applejack.


Cyber Applejack was the first of the Dream Robots Applejack encountered in her dream. Upon meeting her, she was briefly baffled, and believed that her robot doppelganger was among the products sold to her by the dream versions of Flim and Flam. Wondering if this was an indication that her subconscious believed her to be conceited, Applejack briefly became annoyed with her robot double. However, she eventually decided to make use of it, enlisting its help-along with that of a young Burnt Oak-to battle Living Apples. Afterwards, she admitted to being impressed by its capabilities, though she was somewhat baffled by its Supercharged feature.



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