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Sombra, usurper king of the Crystal empire

A king is a male monarch that is the masculine equivalent of a Queen. In some circumstances, a king is the father of a Prince or Princess. Equivalent and similar titles for King depending on the culture include Masters and Emperors.


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Prince Rudolph was the son of the king of his land. King Kobb ruled over the Cavern Shore.


The Isle of Pony was a kingdom located somewhere far from Ponyland. It was ruled by a king and Queen respectively. Rosey, friend of Patch turned out to be their long lost daughter and joined their royal family.[1]

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One of the oldest known kings was King Anubis of the (presumed) Anugyptian kingdom, a tyrant ruler who reigned over both his own Jackal people and the enslaved Pony population of the area.[2] Vetera was an ancient king of the Hippogriff Kingdom. Cunabula, stated to have once been home to two royal families, was ruled over by a single king during the Era of Twilight. Just prior to the Founding of Equestria, the Unicorn tribe was ruled over by King Bullion, while the Pegasus city of Timbucktu was ruled over by King Orion before it fell to Queen Chrysalis.

King Thrace, who established the Thracian tribe of ponies, was first of a line of monarchs that eventually led to King Diomedes. The Infernal Lands were ruled by the Centaur King Vorak at about this time, while the rule of the Crystal Empire was briefly usurped by the Umbrum King Sombra. By contrast, an alternate universe version of Equestria was justly governed by Sombra's benevolent Unicorn counterpart. This Sombra reigned until he drained the corruption from the Princesses Celestia and Luna of his universe into himself to save his reality and that of Princess Celestia.

The kingdom of Griffonstone was established by King Grover, who used the magical Crown of Grover to achieve his rule and instilled pride into the Griffons with the Idol of Boreas. The line of Griffon Monarchy continued through fourteen kings, ending with King Guto. During Guto's reign, the idol was stolen by an Arimaspi and lost in the Abysmal Abyss. The Crown of Grover later ended in the possession of Princess Celestia through unknown means.

The Storm King also established himself as ruler of a large domain, though he was interested more in acquiring power than in actually extending the borders of his realm. The Deer King Aspen rules over the Kingdom of Thicket. In the Mysterious South, the kingdom of Abyssinia was ruled by a ruling family of both king and queen, both of whom seemed equal, though the queen's more assertive, brave and intelligent personality may have made her the "dominant" monarch.[3] Their son, King Meowmeow, ruled under them as the king of the capital city of Panthera.[4]

Celestia's cousin King Leo also came to serve as monarch of Aquastria. As of the Era of Twilight, Ornithia's monarchy was headed by King Thaumas. The city of Aqualin, home to both Seapony and Mermare denizens, was ruled by the Seapony King Rising Tide. The Cattle Rustlers were led by King Longhorn, who was also an attendee of the Convocation of the Creatures. However, it is unclear whether he is considered an actual monarch among Cattle or if the title is actually part of his given name.

"Emperors" appear to be the equivalent of kings, or in some cases superior.

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