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The Rich family is a family of wealthy individuals. Despite being a family of old money, the Rich's, specifically their patriarch Filthy Rich are noticeably more rustic and hard-working than many other upper-class families.


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The oldest known member of the Rich family was Seed Investor, who was the father of Stinkin' Rich, the first pony to bare the Rich surname. In the earliest days of Ponyville, Stinkin' Rich set up a shop in a partnership with the Smith family to attract new ponies to do business and possibly settle down in the fledgling town. The shop, Barnyard Bargains, would eventually grow into the core of the towns' economy.

Several decades later, Filthy Rich would become the family's patriarch and the father of Diamond Tiara, who would have many adventures antagonizing the Cutie Mark Crusaders before ultimately befriending them. The family would develop some sort of relationship with the far more obscure Silver family.

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Filthy Rich attempted to pressure Gloriosa Daisy into selling Camp Everfree to him.

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