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A new era arises

The Era of Harmony the time period from Princess Luna's redemption up until the Coronation of Twilight Sparkle. The term is not official, but is used on this wiki as a rough approximation for historical events that happened during this timeframe. The era chronically takes place after the Era of Princess Celestia and leads until the Era of Twilight.


Although the time period is noted for being generally peaceful and brought about a new age of understanding, a number of wars were fought during this age too. Most notably, the first and second Changeling wars and the Nightmare Rarity war. A handful of minor battles were also fought, such as the Battle for Appleloosa, the battle for Ponyville's future Cloudgate. Some of the greatest villains to ever blight Equestria reemerged around this time too, such as Discord, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis.

And yet, in spite of all of this, the era brought about countless good developments as well. Buffalo and ponies gained an understanding, Dragons and ponies also grew friendlier, the citizens of Equestria grew to love Princess Luna instead of fearing her and the Crystal Empire regained its former glory as well as many, many more growths in various ponies, dragons and other species, who grew wiser and kinder as a result of the kind and gentle nature of the world around them.

Despite all the advancements the era brought forth, it was very short lived. While the exact chronology is unknown the era lasted only a little over a year past the Wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, as they celebrated their 1 year anniversary near the end of the period. As such, the era would lead into the Era of Twilight.

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