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Mount Aris was a location with a rich history

History was the science of the study of events that happened in the past.


An individual who studied the science was called a Historian, and an historians who knowledge didn't extend much beyond their location was often called a Local Historian. History was often written down and sometimes compiled into history books, however, exceptionally ancient history such as the Cave Ponies or Paleolithic humans were instead determined through other factors. History of natural things, such as species and minerals, was known as Natural history.

History was an important subject throughout Equestria, as countless books were written about the histories of certain subjects, whether they be places, tribes or individuals.

Twilight Sparkle, though not professionally trained as far as we are aware, knew a great deal of Equestrian history and loved to learn more by visiting history museums.

Rock Talks with Maud

Maud Pie hosted conferences known as Rock Talks with Maud at the Canterlot Natural History Museum where she went over natural history with a variety of jokes. During these conferences, Maud built up a fan club known as the Maud Squad, though its only known member was Kimberlite.

Petunia Petals was a local history for her town of Hope Hollow, as well as the hotel receptionist and librarian.

History extended beyond the study of ancient events and dinosaurs however. Fleur de Lis was somewhat of a fashion historian herself, judging by her extensive knowledge of historical fashion trends that she revealed when she was set to work on a new uniform for the Wonderbolts.