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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
EducationCanterlot Academy[1]
ResidenceCanterlot (High School days)[1]
Appleoosa (sometimes)
Sweet Apple Acres (Mobile game)
AffiliationGreen Team (Winder Wrap Up)
Real world
VoiceBrian Drummond[note 1]
Peter New[note 2]

Caramel was an Earth pony stallion from Equestria. The boyfriend of Sassaflash and a rodeo clown at Appleoosa, Caramel was a busy and generally friendly pony who always appeared to be doing something, though that something wasn't always productive. Unlike most of the residents of Ponyville, Caramel was not spotted in the Final Battle of Equestria, and so his contributions, if any, were not known.


Caramel went to high school at Canterlot Academy in Canterlot, as was fairly common for Ponyville residents, and was a Junior in 1987.[2]

Caramel was among the ponies King Sombra mind-controlled in his Conquest of Canterlot.[3] His final known escapade was performing in the Appleoosa County Fair as a rodeo clown.[4]

Personal life

In his adult life, Caramel apparently lived near Rarity and Clover, as Clover referred to them as his neighbors.[5] The stallion was the boyfriend of Sassaflash[6] and though the two got into a horrible argument later in their relationship[7], they seemed to reconcile and stayed together much later.[8][9]

Caramel has many non-romantic relationships as well, and appears to be particularly close with Berry Punch[10], Cherry Berry[9][11], Clover, and Shoeshine[12], as he was often spotted in their company. The stallion also appeared to have some sort of relationship with Mint Flower, as he was her guardian figure in Market Street[13] Caramel was housemates with Coco Crusoe, who also appeared to be friends with Sassaflash.[14]

Caramel, like his good friend Clover, worked in the sports industry, though while Clover was a referee, Caramel worked as a rodeo clown[15][16][4] In general, Caramel was a sports enthusiast, in particular enjoying baseball[17], racing[18], flying[19]and especially buckball[20], going as far as to go to the Buckball Museum on its opening day[21] Aside from sports, Caramel occasionally operated a booth where he sold bread.[22]

He appeared to be a fan of Coloratura, and visited her Ponyville concert.[23] Caramel was a shameless foodie and adored Sweet Apple Acres Apple Cider[24] and participated in pie-eating contests.[25] He also appeared to appreciate stand up comedy, as he appeared at the Ponyville Comedy Club.[9]

Behind the scenes


Caramel has only spoken in two episodes, and in both appearances, he was given different voice actors. In "The Best Night Ever", he was portrayed by Brian Drummond, and in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", he was voiced by Peter New, fitting as Caramel originated as a Big McIntosh recolor.


For some reason, Caramel is a very mysterious character with a number of odd occurrences surrounding them.

Transgender theory

Toffee, the pony rumored to be post-transition Caramel

In May 2016, Lauren Faust made a series of joke tweets about her involvement in My Little Pony, including one that stated that a season 1 character was transgender. She later rectified her statement by saying that, although her other tweets were jokes, she was serious about the transgender character. This lead the fandom to speculate who the transgender pony was, with Caramel being among the primary candidates. The theory states that the character Toffee isn't actually another pony entirely, but Caramel post-transition, making him a MTF transgender pony.[26]

However, this theory has issues. The most obvious one being that Caramel has appeared as a stallion in every later appearance, which means if Toffee was him, then he de-transitioned later, however, more importantly, Caramel appeared in the episode alongside Toffee, meaning Toffee was likely just a random character made up using the same assets of Caramel. From a production point of view, this theory also doesn't make sense, as background characters didn't really end up becoming their own characters until after Faust' run on the show, meaning that it was highly unlikely that Caramel was intended to have been the shows trans rep.

As of 2020, the mystery has not been answered, but the fandom has gravitated towards Trixie Lulamoon as the most likely candidate and thus, several pieces of Trixie with transgender pride iconography has been drawn.

Chance-a-Lot and "Teddy"


In some pieces of merchandise, Caramel is named "Chance-a-Lot", while this is not unusual as several minor characters have multiple names, what makes this more notable is a character by the name of Chance-a-Lot has appeared in the novelization of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and fulfilled a similar role as a minor, nameless football player who has been dubbed Teddy by fans. Both have somewhat similar designs, but was confirmed to be a coincidence by an artist at DHX.[27]


A female character named "M.Caramel" was mentioned on a scoreboard in "Getting Seconds". She did poorly in a Long jump competition, and that's all we know from her.

Voice actors







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