Getting Seconds

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"Getting Seconds"
Artist Toni Kuusisto
Writer Toni Kuusisto
Colorist Heather Breckel
Letterer Valeria Lopez
Editor Bobby Curnow
Natalie Waltz

"Getting Seconds" is the third and final comic story in Equestria Girls: Canterlot High: March Radness. It stars Rainbow Dash as she realizes she's not the best at every sport and accepts that others may be more skilled then her.






The story reveals 'surnames' or some equivalent of sorts for the various contestants as rendered on tw leaderboards and on sports garbs. The leader boards have been transcribed as the following:

D.Doo            21FT 2"
R.Dash           19FT 7"
P.Pie            18FT 5"
A.Apple          18FT 1"
L.Heartstrings   17FT 11"
M.Caramel        15FT 6"
F.Shy            DISQ.
Rainbow Dash: 1st 0 | 2nd 7 | 3rd 0 | .total       35
Pinkie Pie:   1st 1 | 2nd 0 | 3rd 6 |      22
Applejack A.: 1st 1 | 2nd 0 | 3rd 1 |.total        12
Twilight S.:  1st 1 | 2nd 0 | 3rd 1 |       12
Fluttershy:   1st 1 | 2nd 0 | 3rd 0 |      10
Ditzy Doo:    1st   | 2nd 0 | 3rd   |     10
Rarity:       1st 1 | 2nd 0 | 3rd 0 |  10

Some interesting things can be gleamed from these tibits. Firstly, it would imply that Applejacks full name would be Applejack Apple. Secondly, despite being one word, Shy is Fluttershy's last name, which would imply that Zephyr Breeze's naame would be Zephyr Breeze Sky. These naming conventions also seem to confirm that Ditzy Doo and Dinky Doo are related. Lastly, oddly enough, Rarity has no last name rendered. While the typical fan name is Belle, this has not been confirmed.

M. Caramel

Strangely, a character named M. Caramel is seen on a scoreboard. The most obviously answer is that this was to represent Caramel. However, the leaderboard otherwise only represents girls, not boys. There is a common fan theory that Caramel is a transgender pony, with Lauren Faust saying there was a transgender character in season 1. It is believed that Toffee is post-transition Caramel.

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