Pegasus (Friendship is Magic)

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The Pegasi are a winged tribe of ponies, known for their ability to manipulate clouds and thus the weather.



As with all ponies, the Pegasi once lived under the dominion of Grogar, who once made an attack on their city of Cloudsdale only to be challenged by Gusty the Great's unicorn army. Eventually Grogar was overthrown, but the Pegasi and their neighbors did not establish a friendly relationship. Instead, the Pegasi exacted a toll of food grown by the Earth Ponies in exchange for their providing good weather. They also established a militaristic society, including the Cloudsdale Royal Legion, eventually coming under the leadership of Commander Hurricane.

When the friction between the tribes drew the Windigos, Hurricane and Private Pansy set out to find a new home. After identifying an ideal site, Hurricane attempted to claim it as Pegasopolis, only to find that the unicorn Princess Platinum and the Earth Pony Chancellor Puddinghead had discovered the same land and sought to claim it for their own tribes. The bickering between rulers soon drew the Windigos again, but they continued to argue until they were all encased in ice. Fortunately, Pansy befriended Platinum and Puddinghead's aids, Clover the Clever and Smart Cookie, and the three created the first Fire of Friendship. Thawed out by its magic, the three leaders amended their ways and joined in a new union, proclaiming their new homeland as Equestria.



Pegasi are ponies that have feathery wings, and are capable of flight.


Due to their ability and task of controlling the weather, many Pegasi live in flying cities made of clouds, with Cloudsdale being the most prominent; Stratusburg is another such city. Pegasi also reside in Ponyville and Fillydelphia, while in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire they are most commonly seen as part of the Royal Guards of Equestria.


With their wings, Pegasi are usually capable of flight of varying speeds and skill. They are also capable of walking on and manipulating clouds, which is a prime factor in their ability to alter the weather.

List of Pegasi[edit]