This dorm was one of the two known dormitories Twilight Sparkle lived in when she attended P.C.S.F.G.U., the other being one she lived in when she was just a filly.

Twilight's dorm
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"Friendship is Magic"
"Amending Fences"


Twilight stayed in the dorm while attending P.C.S.F.G.U.. On the last day of her living there, she opened Predictions and Prophecies and read about the Mare in the Moon. Convinced that Nightmare Moon was coming back for revenge, she alerted Princess Celestia of it, but was sent to live in Ponyville instead.[1] Years later, when Twilight realizes she may have been a terrible friend to her Canterlot friends, she rushed back to the dorm only to realize that she left it as a total mess, just as she left her friendships.[2]

The next morning, Twilight decided to go check on her friends, starting with Minuette.[2]



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