Moon Dancer (Friendship is Magic)

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Moon Dancer
S2E12 Moon Dancer absorbed in a book.png
Species Pony
Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
Education Science Lab
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Canterlot
Address Moon Dancer's house
Family Dancer family
Siblings Morning Roast (sister)
Real world
Voice actor Kazumi Evans
First "Friendship is Magic"
Last "The Point of No Return"

Moon Dancer was a unicorn from Canterlot, Equestria who was last seen living alone in a house "by the stadium". Riddled with insecurities growing up, Moon Dancer had a rocky early life believing she had no worth only to eventually realize that there were ponies who loved her thanks to the help of Twilight Sparkle.


Early life[edit]

"That's so hilarious"

Moon Dancer attended the Science Lab as a filly, which was probably where she met Twilight Sparkle, Lemon Hearts, Minuette and Twinkleshine who would become her first friends. During her education there, she had an incident where she read from the wrong book regarding on how to make a proper Salt Lick, while Twilight read the right one, potentially starting the inferiority complex Moon Dancer seemed to suffer from throughout her early life. Despite this, she was still a "gifted unicorn" and attended P.C.S.F.G.U. with her friends.

During her days at the school, Moon Dancer finally felt confident and believed she had self worth and in so, she hosted a a party, but when Twilight failed to show up, Moon Dancer felt absolutely humiliated despite her other friends attempts to make it work. Eventually, while her friends got successful careers, Moon Dancer regressed into a socially handicapped, moody and unmotivated mare who studied science, history, magic and economics, but had no career goal in mind.[1]


Moon Dancer in the Dome of Silence

Moon Dancer eventually befriended the Book Seller and a librarian, even if she didn't realize it til later in her life. Still living alone in her dirty house, Moon Dancer was visited by her old friends who wanted to integrate her back into their circle of friends, though Moon Dancer refused. Twilight Sparkle adamantly tried to convince Moon Dancer to hang out with them, but she refused each time in progressively rude ways - only letting her guard down when Twilight showed her her knowledge of magic and history. Eventually, she convinced Moon Dancer to go back to her old dormitory where Moon Dancer discovered a book she gave to Twilight years ago that Twilight never opened. Furious by this, Moon Dancer tried to leave but Twilight gave her the key to her dorm so she could use the books to study to her hearts content, but only if she went to dinner with her friends.

The dinner was awkward with little spoken words causing Twilight to nearly give up her attempts to help Moon Dancer, but Spike gave her the idea to get Pinkie Pie to throw her a party.

At the party, Moon Dancer blew up at Twilight, revealing just how much she hurt her but when she realized she was surrounded by the people who loved her, she finally managed to forgive Twilight and grew into a more sociable mare in result. Spike gave her the present he wanted to give her before he left for Ponyville, a picture frame of Moon Dancer and the others eating together.

Moon Dancer would later hang the picture in her house. During this time, she was seen playing some sort of sport with her friends, showing she learned the value of friendship.[1]

Much later, just prior to the Sacking of Canterlot, Moon Dancer attended the ceremony with Twinkleshine and Minuette.

Moon Dancer was among the mind-controlled ponies who King Sombra used as fodder to distract the Mane Six as he conquered Canterlot.[2]

Continuing her trend of making more friends, Moon Dancer later became good friends with First Folio and the two ate lunch together at an Indian restaurant at Restaurant Row.[3]


Moon Dancer after forgiving Twilight Sparkle

Moon Dancer was shown to be very much like Twilight Sparkle and in some ways, a reflection of what Twilight could've become. She was highly studious, scientifically minded and introverted but far more insecure in herself and her abilities. After she felt like Twilight abandoned her without even saying good bye, she grew into an irritable, rude and uninterested young mare. In this time, she seemed to become somewhat distant from her sister, Morning Roast, as she was shocked to see her at her party. Nonetheless, deep down Moon Dancer was still kind, caring and generous.

After her second party, Moon Dancer developed an interest in sports and became good friends with First Folio.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Generational legacy[edit]

Moon Dancer is character who first appeared in Generation 1 as a character introduced during the "Year Two" era. Although she would appear in Rescue at Midnight Castle, her voice actress has yet to be identified. A character with her same name would also appear in the My Pretty Mermaids toyline.

Voice actors[edit]


Blind Bag[edit]



Trading cards[edit]

Moon Dancer (spelled Moondancer) appeared thrice in Enterplay's series of trading cards, one in their main series of cards and the other two in their "Equestrian Friends" line.

  • Series: Enterplay series 4
  • Set: Characters
  • Number: #24
  • Notable episodes: "Amending Fences"
  • Special: "Best Friends"

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Films and specials[edit]



  • There is some uncertainty about what counts as Moon Dancers' first appearance. She was first mentioned in "Friendship is Magic" but didn't have an on-screen appearance until the non-canonical comic story The Fall of Sunset Shimmer, which depicted a far design of the character, more in line with her Generation 1 appearance. Her first true, on-screen and canonical appearance was in "Amending Fences".
  • Alternate spellings: Moon Dancer, Moondancer.
    • Moondancer is often used for her original incarnation.


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