Silver Stable Community

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Silver Stable Community
S9E5 Silver Stable Community.png
Location Equestria
Type Retirement home
First "The Point of No Return"

Silver Stable Community is a high-end retirement home located in the coastal town of Seaward Shoals, presumably on the West Coast. Its only known worker is Teddie Safari.


After Dusty Pages realized she wasn't living the life she wanted being the librarian at Canterlot Library, she moved to the retirement home to live out the rest of her life. As the community features several activities, Dusty Pages and its other citizens were able to join bands, paint in peace, act in plays and even have food fights. With the newfound freedom, Dusty began to enjoy her life as she became an actress and a guitarist for a band. Other citizens of the place also appeared to be happy and content for the most part, though Apple Rose was annoyed by how Dusty kept getting the role of lead actress in many of their plays.


The ponies live in a series of apartment complexes that appear to be fairly small in size, but it seems as if the ponies rarely actually spend time in their rooms and tend to be outside having fun instead.


  • Lighthouse: A lighthouse either exists on, or near its property and can be seen from its yard.
  • Apartments: A series of apartments in which the ponies live in.
  • Pier: A pier where ponies paint pictures with one another.
  • Theater: A building where plays are held.
  • Dining area: An area that appears to be for dining, contains a stage for bands.



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