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Fauxlestia, also referred to as Shamlestia, is an alternate version of Princess Celestia and an Alicorn mare and Princess native to the Mirror Universe.


Where Equestria's Princess Celestia was a noble ruler and defender of Ponies, Fauxlestia was a Corrupted dictator who terrorized her world. Fortunately for her Equestria, a number of heroic creatures aligned themselves against her under the leadership of King Sombra. Moreover, her sister Dupluna eventually joined Sombra in fighting against her, though the sisters were later reunited after the Princess Luna of Equestria was freed from her own corruption as Nightmare Moon. Together, the two wreaked havoc upon their world from the Castle of Two Sisters, where they were served by royal guards, Kibitz, and their pets Philomena and Tiberius.

After causing the ruin of Cloudsdale and other Pegasus cities, Fauxlestia and her sister set their sights on the other world's Equestria. Attacking and injuring her alternate self when the other Celestia came to visit Sombra, Fauxlestia offered her adversary an ultimatum. In exchange for the other Celestia being able to stay with him in his world, he would allow her and Dupluna to travel through the Magic Mirror to the other Celestia's world. Knowing that this would mean their visiting the misery they had brought to his world upon the other Celestia's, Sombra refused, but Fauxlestia and Dupluna persisted.

On their second visit, Fauxlestia and Dupluna encountered the Mane Six of the other world, who attacked the wicked princesses until Sombra intervened. As a message from the other world's Luna explained, harm done to Fauxlestia harmed her counterpart in the other world, leaving Sombra and his new allies unable to fight Fauxlestia directly. Fauxlestia and Dupluna returned to their castle, where Fauxlestia bemoaned not learning more from her counterpart. When Dupluna suggested spying on the Mane Six, Fauxlestia supported the idea, and Dupluna soon returned with news of their plan to encase the pair in crystal so as to not cause harm to their counterparts in the other world.

Refusing to suffer defeat, Fauxlestia hit upon a plan to bring her counterpart back to her world and learn the spell to enter the mirror from her: she attacked her Dupluna in order to injure Luna. In so doing, she inadvertently shattered the mirror in the other world, and the two worlds began to merge together. The two Celestias were soon locked in combat as a result, but when the Mane Six tried to use the Elements of Harmony against Fauxlestia, her counterpart was also affected. Refusing to allow the other world's Celestia to be imprisoned, Sombra took the Elements and used them to draw the corruption out of Fauxlestia and Dupluna and into himself. Fauxlestia and Dupluna thus became noble like their alternate selves, while Sombra became a dark entity like his own counterpart.

Behind the scenes

The name Fauxlestia resembles that of "Fauxlivia", a character from the Fringe television series who is a mirror-universe counterpart to major character Olivia Dunham. Pony versions of Fauxlivia and Olivia also appeared during the Reflections story arc in which Fauxlestia debuted.


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