Twilight Sporkle

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Twilight Sporkle
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
OccupationMerchandise line
AffiliationFun Fun Land
Real world
"Flower Power"

Twilight Sporkle® was a failed attempt at an unliscensed merchandise line based off Twilight Sparkle.


Well-To-Do made a quick mock up of a doll based off Twilight Sparkle that would eventually evolve into Twilight Sporkle soon after. According to his focus group, young ponies love everything to do with princesses, so he mass-produced cheap dolls. his legal group said that naming the doll Sporkle instead of Sparkle would circumvent any copyright restrictions on the doll, thus making it allowed.

Twilight Sporkle soon became obsolete when Well-To-Do forced King Aspen to become his new mascot.



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