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The Everfree Forest is an ancient, mystic forest located near Ponyville in the central regions of Equestria. Settled by deer and monsters alike, the forest has become a feared, yet celebrated cornerstone of Equestrian culture and history, often being associated with macabre and frightening imagery. Ever since the Mare of the Moon incident however, the image of the forest has gradually, yet noticeably turned into a more beloved landmark than a place of great fear with holidays and celebrations taking place within the wooded area.


Throughout the ages, it's been known that something mysterious lurked within the forest. An ancient book called "Origin of the Everfree Forest" was written, that presumably told the story of the location, but has since been locked away in the restricted section of the Canterlot library. At some point in the past, Starswirl the Bearded discovered the Tree of Harmony in the depths of the forest.[citation needed] Also in the depths of the forest exist the Greater Equestrian Mimics, a race of docile shapeshifters. At some point in the past, the kingdom of Thicket was founded within the forest by the Deers. Despite the kingdom being on Equestrian soil, it appears to be considered an independent nation.

During the early history of Ponyville, Granny Smith ventured into the Everfree Forest and was attacked by Timberwolves, though in the process, she discovered the Zap Apples.[1] Later, she ventured into the forest again, and befriended a Timberwolf, who would become the guardian of the Apple family.[2] At some point, the Statue of Nightmare Moon was built in the forest.[3]

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