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Fillydeplhia is a town on the Celestial coast of Eastern Equestria. It's in between Baltimare to the south and Manehattan to the north.


Long ago, Fillydelphia suffered an outbreak of Phoenix Fever. Fortunately, Mage Meadowbrook was able to diagnose and cure the disease.

At some point in the past, Dragon Town was founded in Fillydephia to serve as a refuge for Dragons who didn't want to live in the more savage and warlike conditions that plague the Dragons Lair/Dragon Lands. The settlement was mostly peaceful and harmonious though once fires began to blight Fillydelpha, dragons were soon blamed. To deal with the problem, the Fillydeplhia police department requested the aid of Princess Luna, who in turn got the help of Spike. Their investigation didn't go smoothly and the two eventually had a small falling out. Spike soon discovered the true cause of the fires, an innocent Fire Snail. However, even with the cause found, the fires still raged on. Ensemblnng the help of the other dragons, Spike managed to save every pony fro the fires, not only proving the heroic nature of dragons but also saving Dragon Town from segregation.[1]

Fillydelphia was mapped out and added to the Map of Equestria in recent times.[2]

Princess Celestia visited Fillydelphia as a pegasus in order to gauge her reception by the townspeople in a more truthful way. A Purple Fillydelphian mare admitted she thought Princess Celestia was doing not "such a great job" due to the amount of invasions Equestia has had recently, while a Brown Fillydelphian stallion claimed he though she was doing great since none of the invasions ever succeeded.[3]


Fillydelphia was founded near the Celestial coast in Eastern Equestria. The town i connected to the Equestrian railway system which connects to it to various towns and cities across Equestria such as Baltimare, Appaloosa and even Vanhoover.

Places of interest

Fillydelphia proper

Dragon Town




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