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The Equestrian royal family were the rulers of Equestria. It was primarily made up of the Four Princesses of Equestria as well as their family members


The Two Sisters

After Equestria was founded by the Pegasus, Unicorn, and Earth Pony tribes, it was decided that new rulers were needed to fairly govern them all. As such, Starswirl the Bearded selected Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to become princesses of all Equestria.

The Princess of Love

A little less than a thousand years later, a young Pegasus mare named Cadance, a distant relative of the lost Princess Amore, defeated a unicorn sorceress named Prismia. Her victory transported her to an unknown magical realm where she met Celestia, who adopted the newly ascended Alicorn as her niece.

After the Crystal Empire returned, Cadance and her husband Shining Armor were sent there, and following the defeat of King Sombra became the rightful rulers of the kingdom.

The Princess of Friendship

Celestia's prized pupil, Twilight Sparkle, successfully completed a number of impressive tasks with the aid of her friends, the new wielders of the Elements of Harmony. After she redeemed Nightmare Moon, thwarted the return of Discord, and helped thwart Queen Chrysalis' takeover of Canterlot, she was tasked with helping safeguard the newly returned Crystal Empire. Upon her success, Celestia and Luna agreed that she was ready to face another challenge: finishing an incomplete spell of Starswirl's. After accidentally switching her friends' cutie marks, Twilight was able to restore them to normal and complete the spell. As a result, she created new magic and became an Alicorn, with Celestia acknowledging her as a princess.

For some time, however, Twilight was unsure of the role she was meant to play in Equestria. When Tirek escaped from Tartarus and began stealing all the magic of the ponies of Equestria and convinced Discord to aid him, the other princesses entrusted their magic to Twilight. She later engaged Tirek in a fearful battle, but surrendered her magic in exchange for the safe return of her friends, thus proving faithful to her Element of Harmony. With the help of a repentant Discord, she and her friends unlocked Rainbow Power and defeated Tirek, while also bringing a new castle into being in Ponyville. Joined by Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, Twilight revealed that she had discovered her purpose: to spread the magic of friendship across the land from her Castle of Friendship.

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