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Make a funny face, take over an entire town in a chaotic regime. Fun for the whole family

" was a Funny Face Contest."
Twilight Sparkle[source]

Niramekko is a game in which multiple players, often children, compete who can make the funniest face. The first one who laugh is deemed the loser.


Rainbow Dash and Discord were playing a very rough game of Niramekko, in which her friends interpreted as a life-and-death battle.[note 1] As they tried to save her from Discord, Rainbow Dash defeats Discord by making him laugh, which her friends finally realize what was actually going on. Despite the game being so trivial, apparently the fate of Ponyville was at risk, as Discord said if he won, Ponyville would've been his.


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  1. In their difference, Discord was smashing Dash into the ground with thunderbolts while bragging about how he was gonna take over Ponyville.