Chancellor Neighsay

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Chancellor Neighsay
Species Pony
Kind Unicorn
Gender Male
Nationality Equestrian
First School Daze
Last The Ending of the End

Chancellor Neighsay is a unicorn stallion and Chancellor of the Equestrian Educational Association.


For unknown-though perhaps not unfounded-reasons, Chancellor Neighsay developed a prejudice against non-Ponies at some point in his life. When Twilight Sparkle came to the EEA to propose the creation of a School of Friendship, Neighsay had doubts about her ability to responsibly run such an institution due to her reputation for adventuring. However, misunderstanding her intent and believing that the school was intended to help ponies protect themselves from hostile invaders, he agreed to a trial period. He later visited the school on Family and Friends Day, only to find Twilight and her staff struggling. When the Young Six caused a disturbance while ditching class, he initially believed they were attacking the school.

After learning that the non-ponies in the group were students, Neighsay expressed outrage, and condemned Twilight's running of the school and admitting such students. He then used his authority as chancellor to close the school, sealing it using the magic of his EEA Medallion. Twilight later broke the seal, determined to reopen the school with her own rules; Neighsay, alerted by the disruption of his magic, appeared to oppose her. He condemned her ideas as foolish, suggesting that non-ponies could never learn friendship. Princess Celestia, who was present, noted that similar opinions had once existed regarding Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies.

Unable to oppose the move further, Neighsay departed, warning that the school might destroy Equestria. When Flim and Flam opened Friendship University, Neighsay was far more impressed, particularly after learning that Starswirl the Bearded had enrolled as a student. He soon gave the university EEA approval; however, it was later shut down after Twilight exposed the brothers' latest money-making scheme exploiting the students. Some time later, when the Mane Six left the school in order to investigate Equestria's vanishing Magic, Neighsay appeared at the school and seized control after finding Cozy Glow apparently in charge. Believing that the non-Ponies were seeking to weaken Equestria in preparation for invasion, he imprisoned the Young Six, releasing Sandbar after the Earth Pony claimed to have a change of heart.

However, Neighsay soon found himself restrained, as Cozy Glow had orchestrated the Magic's disappearance in a bid to seize power, and turned the other Pony students against him. However, the Young Six-whom Sandbar had freed after pretending loyalty to Neighsay-freed him. Using what magic was left in his medallion, he traveled to Canterlot and warned the Royal Sisters, who soon mobilized the Royal Guards of Equestria. When Equestrian Magic returned, Neighsay opened a portal to the school and helped prevent Cozy Glow's escape. He then apologized to Twilight and expressed his approval of her continuing to run the school; he was also amused when the Young Six expressed the erroneous belief that their part in saving Equestria qualified them for graduation.

As a result of the Legion of Doom's efforts to sow dissension among ponies and the resulting return of the Windigos, Neighsay and numerous other Unicorns took refuge at the School for Gifted Unicorns in Canterlot. Thanks to a rousing speech by Raspberry Dazzle, one of Twilight's students at the School of Friendship, Neighsay led the Unicorns in reuniting with the other ponies as well as their non-pony allies to come to the aid of the Mane Six and Spike.