Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit

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Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit

Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit is a book that Twilight Sparkle checked out at the Canterlot Library prior to moving to Ponyville.


As she had the book checked out for years by the time she found it again, when Princess Celestia mailed her it as well as a crate filled with items she left in Ponyville, she realized she hadn't returned it in years. When she tried to, she was confused to see that Dusty Pages wasn't the librarian anymore and the current librarian didn't know who Dusty even was. When the librarian learned that the book was severely overdue, she codemned her to the Basement of shame to return it to First Folio in the Grossly Overdue Book Return Office for Ponies Who Should Know Better.

First Folio went out to eat at the Tasty Treat with Moondancer and told Twilight she was "forced" to leave. Worried that she indirectly caused Dusty to get fired, Twilight managed to track Dusty Pages down to the Silver Stable Community and wanted her to get her job back. However, Dusty Pages didn't want to get her old job back and was happy living her golden years in the community. After a food fight incident, Dusty explained to her that she was holding herself up to an impossible standard and wasn't enjoying her life as a result and helped Twilight realize the truth of the book, how it was about the impossible pursuit to become perfect.

Behind the scenes

The book appeared in the season 9 episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, "The Point of No Return", though chronologically, it first appeared during the events of the Season 1 episode "Friendship is Magic".


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