Bridle Gossip

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Bridle Gossip
WriterAmy Keating Rogers
DirectorJayson Thiessen
James Wootton
ProducerSarah Wall

"Bridle Gossip" is the ninth episode of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The episode serves as the introduction of Zecora. The title is a pun of "idle gossip."



Twilight Sparkle and Spike arrive to the center of Ponyville, but realize that everyone is missing. The two find Pinkie Pie and the rest of the Mane Six in Sugarcube Corner, who are hiding from Zecora, who is seen mysteriously digging at the ground. They tell Twilight that Zecora is mysterious, sinister, and spooky, and Twilight explains to Rarity, who finds her stripes "garish," that she's a zebra. Applejack reveals that Zecora is from the Everfree Forest, and then Pinkie Pie sings her evil enchantress song. Apple Bloom then ventures off to follow Zecora to the Everfree Forest. Realizing that Apple Bloom wandered off, the Mane Six go and search for her.

In the Everfree Forest, Apple Bloom continues to follow Zecora until the Mane Six catch up to her. Zecora vaguely warns them about the blue flowers as she backs away. The next day, at the Golden Oak Library, Twilight realizes her horn has turned floppy, with blue dots all over it, and assumes Zecora cursed her. Spike suggests a book, but Twilight dismisses it because of its title. The rest of the Mane Six come inside the library, and they appear to have been cursed too, as Pinkie Pie has her tongue stuck out, Rainbow Dash's wings are upside-down, Rarity's mane and coat are in curly strands, Applejack has been shrunk, and Fluttershy's voice has become much deeper. Realizing Apple Bloom and Applejack are gone, the rest of the Mane Six conclude that they've gone off to Zecora's Cottage, and decide to go too.

The Mane Six eventually end up at Zecora's Cottage, and see her cooking up a brew, and assume she's trying to cook Apple Bloom. Applejack flies Rainbow Dash inside the cottage, but is unable to control her and ends up knocking everything over, including the brew. The Mane Six then express their anger at Zecora for "cursing" them. Zecora then explains that the Poison Joke was the cause of all their problems, and that she was making a remedy for it, a herbal bath. It's also revealed that the book with the cure was the one Spike tried to show Twilight earlier.

The Mane Six heads back to Ponyville with Zecora to take the herbal bath, after Twilight re-assures all of the townsponies. She then writes her friendship report to Princess Celestia, telling her she learned to never judge a book by its cover.


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"She's an evil enchantress / She does evil dances / And if you look deep in her eyes / She'll put you in trances / Then what will she do? / She'll mix up an evil brew / Then she'll gobble you up / In a big tasty stew / So... Watch out!"
―Pinkie Pie

"Well, I heard that Zecora eats hay... [...] Yeah, but I heard it's the evil way she eats hay!"
―Pinkie Pie



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