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Changeling Kingdom
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"The Return of Queen Chrysalis" - Part IV

The Changeling Kingdom is a small kingdom somewhere near Equestria ruled over by the wicked Queen Chrysalis and (presumably) near the kingdoms of Timbucktu and Trot once were. The land is a dark and mountainous locale with little in the way of fauna, flora or color as a whole really.


The kingdom was founded by Queen Chrysalis like around her birth, 1,000 years ago, perhaps making it even older than the current kingdom of Equestria.[1] During the early days of the "kingdom", the Changelings seemed to be a nomadic bunch who traveled around the land looking for salvation. During these travels, the Changelings ended up in the wastes of the Frozen North and encountered the Umbrum race, which struck fear into even Chrysalis[2]

A destructive and cruel people, the kingdom was responsible for many conquests and massacres. A notable example was the sacking of Timbucktu, the land of the Sparkle Eyed Pegasus. By using their shapeshifting ability to appear as a respected general, Chrysalis tricked many of the survivors of the initial assault to take refuge into the castle, only to ambush them in an area where they could not escape. After the conquests, Chrysalis took up the title of "Queen" as she felt it sounded nice.[1]

The kingdom appeared to have a good, at least in an one-sided way relationship with the Storm Kingdom, as the Storm King had romantic interests in Chrysalis, writing in his journals about his crush on her, though it's unclear if she returned the feelings.[3]

After the failed attempt at conquering Canterlot, and by extension, all of Equestria, Queen Chrysalis and her army were thrown into an awkard spot. Far from defeated, they managed to regroup and destroyed a village known only as "Wuvy-Dovey Smoochy Land", killing most of its inhabibments by sucking away their love, leaving them as husks. Even after this, the inhabinents of the land still treated Chrysalis with kindness, which she would later use to emotionally torment the Cutie Mark Crusaders.[4]

During the second Changeling war, Twilight Sparkle did battle against Chrysalis on the day of the Secretariat Comet, boosting both of their magical abilities by tremedeous amounts. Despite this boost, Chrysalis did not stand a chance as Twilight utterly defeated her. After their scuffle, Pinkie Pie managed to trap Chrysalis in her own castle[5] as Royal Guards of Equestria maintained a prison around the kingdom, making sure no one got in or out. Despite this, Twilight foolishly freed Chrysalis by accident, allowing her to return to causing havoc once more.[1]



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