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Professor Inkwell
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
FamilyInkwell family
RelativesRaven Inkwell?
Real world
Micro-Series #8
Friendship is Magic #40

Professor Inkwell is, or was, a professor at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns and was in fact, the first teacher who ever worked there. Born in the Era of Princess Celestia, Inkwell is the presumed grandmother of Raven Inkwell. Known forher old-fashioned nature, kindness and energetic personality, she was among Twilight Sparkle's teachers. In an alternate timeline, she was also a teacher for Prince Blueblood.


Early years

Inkwell and Celestia just as the Battle for Canterlot concluded

"Like I always say, "Rewards go to the wary"
— Inkwell[source]

In her youth, Inkwell was the humble owner of Inkwell Gazette, a newspaper that circulated around Canterlot, Equestria. Inkwell lived a dangerous life, as her fans and readers would often try to invade her establishment in order to complain about this or that. Because that, she often had to booby trap her own doorway. In her youth, Inkwell was a warm and kind pony, but slightly aloof. She was apparently quite the hero who was involved in many battles, and once fought a "giant pig". She claimed she was never really around "little ponies" like colts and fillies, but once she was surrounded by her admirers, she quickly warmed up to the idea.[1]

When Canterlot was invaded by an army of "Black monsters", Inkwell was among the unicorns who supported Celestia. Without hesitation, she ran to Celestia's aid and helped her support the forcefield keeping the invaders at bay. While the battle was a success, Inkwell suffered an eye injury, causing her right eye to be swollen and presumably blinded. Despite this, she retained her moxie and strong-hearted personality, not letting it slow her down in the least.[1]

After the battle, Inkwell returned to her job as a journalist. Celestia wanted to found a school which could help protect the city for generations to come, and sent a letter to request Inkwell to join as a teacher. Sometime later, Celestia went to visit the professor at her own store, the Inkwell Gazette but got ensnared in one of Inkwell's traps. Inkwell was conflicted on whether or not she should join the school, but after Celestia revealed Inkwell's fans, she naturally assumed the role of a warm, caring teacher.[1]

Early career

Inkwell in the early days of her academic career

Inkwell soon proved herself to be a fantastic teacher, Princess Celestia even admitted that, because of her, her school became the famous, well-known institution it would later become. However, her Inkwell never grew with the times, which caused her teaching style to stagnate to some extent. Nonetheless, Inkwell proved herself as a compassionate and caring teacher. When Floribunda was worried she looked like the biggest nerd in the school and didn't want to be included in the school picture, Inkwell comforted her by turning herself into a "seasoned veteran" nerd, complete with an afro and bad teeth. She helped Shining Lights with her shyness, another stallion come to grips with his teddy bear, another get over his fear of clowns, and a Long eared pony accept her long ears.[1]

Due to these acts of kindness, on top of her stellar teaching, Inkwell became a well-loved teacher at her school.[1]

Elderly life

Despite her caring nature, Inkwell could be harsh, causing a young Twilight to cry in front of her

Even in her old age, it was hard to keep Inkwell down. At some point, she likely gave birth, as she has a grandaughter named Raven Inkwell. Although still kind, Inkwell became increasingly more strict to her students and scolded Twilight Sparkle in front of her class for being late, despite Twilight having a perfectly viable excuse. Nonetheless, she did try to comfort Twilight when she could tell Twilight was letting her stressful lifestyle get to her, but Twilight rejected her help.[2]

Unfortunately, Inkwell's reputation began to catch up with her before long. Students went from adoring her stories, to finding them laughable, and even among the teachers, she was reduced to a laughingstock, especially with an incident involving "Gopher spies". At a Royal High Tea that was hosted in the Era of Twilight, several of Inkwell's old students attended, such as Floribunda and Bright Lights, however, their return was far from a warm one. As the food turned alive and began to attack the students, Inkwell turned a chocolate bunny alive to deal with the food, which dealt with the issue at hand, at the cost of traumatizing the student body. Given the incident, both parents and teachers alike decided that Inkwell should be retired for good, for putting the school in danger.[1]

Inkwell, sleeping with her beloved toad

At a hearing deciding whether or not Inkwell should be fired or not, the aged professor was asked with transforming an "ugly toad" into a "less discussing toad". Despite the simple task, Inkwell refused to take action, claiming the toad was just perfect the way it was as she lovingly embraced it. Celestia used this opportunity to remind her students that, in spite of her eccentricities, Inkwell always had a kind heart and always did her best to help her students. Realizing their faults, the ponies all objected to her retirement and warmly apologized to her. Giddilee, living up to her namesake, planned to do something special for Inkwell, however, Inkwell instead went to sleep in her office, basking in the warm sunset with a content, happy smile on her aged face.[1]


Inkwell was an exceptionally kind-hearted and caring pony who cared about not only the academic future of her students, but also their happiness and stability. Despite this, she could be harsh, even mean, but never intentionally so. In her youth, she had a cool, slightly aloof personality, liking to distance herself from others, but not rejecting their company either. Throughout her life, one aspect of her personality remained strong, her strong sense of humor. She could make jokes, take jokes and especially loved making jokes about herself, and not letting others get to her. She was extremely brave and strong-willed, only never getting upset when she felt her students were hurt, or when she began to realize the students she helped educate turned on her. Her eye injury and old age never slowed her down one bit, though she did grow more tired as she grew older. None the less, she bravely sought to protect her students from threats, even if the threats were only in her head.

Inkwell loved all life, regardless of its outward appearance. In her later years, she adopted a pet toad that she was supposed to transmutate in a "not disguising" toad, but instead showed it unconditional love and claimed it was "perfect" just the way he was.


  • Magic: As a unicorn, naturally has the ability to manipulate and cast magic. She's an extremely skilled unicorn in her own right, able to generate large shields and turn inimate objects to life with her spellcraft.

Behind the scenes

Inkwell has so far only appeared in comic stories, such as "Princess Celestia" and the 40th issue of Friendship is Magic. She also appeared in the non-canon story, Deviations, where she taught Prince Blueblood in a timeline where Celestia chose him to be her student rather than Celestia. Despite her limited appearances, her impact on the series at large can't be understated. As the teacher of Twilight Sparkle and family member of Raven Inkwell, her legacy will forever live on in Friendship is Magic history.



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