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Razer[1] is a dragon who made his debut in "Dragonshy". He is a large, red, scaly dragon who once rested in a mountain nearing Ponyville. Due to his immense size, it was thought that the smoke generated from his snoring would eventually overcome all of Equestria, destroying it.


Razer resided in a large mountain near Ponyville. His snoring was causing smoke to cover the skies of nearby lands, which was going to eventually cover all of Equestria. Eventually, the Mane Six traveled up to his cave to stop him, but were defeated one after another until Fluttershy gave him a stern talking to. Afterwards, Razer left peacefully.[2] He was later seen among the many Dragons who took part in the Great Dragon Migration.[3]

Later in his life, he attacked Vanhoover but was once again peacefully defeated when he got what he wanted, in his case, the Cinderstone.[4] He was later present in the Dragon Lands when Smolder called upon her fellow dragons to come to the aid of Equestria against the Legion of Doom. He did not take part in the final battle,[5] but later was present when Twilight Sparkle was crowned Queen of Equestria.[6]


Razer's most consistent personality trait is his love of sleep. Every major appearance of his involves this trait to some extent.

Razer was shown to not be necessarily cruel or malevolent, but somewhat apathetic and lazy. In "Dragonshy", he simply wanted to sleep, not caring of the consequences his sleep may have on others and in "A Dragons Bounty", he caused a rampage to get back his Cinderstone, but peacefully slept once he got it back.




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