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Daybreaker is a hypothetical corrupted form of Princess Celestia.


The Pony of Shadows of the Mirror-Universe long ago identified the potential for his own world’s Celestia and Luna to become the Destroyers, but was thwarted in his ambition to corrupt them by the Pillars of Equestria of his world. He thus turned to searching the Multiverse for other versions of the sisters to corrupt. After Princess Luna of Equestria accidentally opened a portal to his world, the Pony of Shadows targeted her and her sister. His minions were able to capture the pair and outfit them in armor, but the actual corruption was prevented when they were rescued by their world’s Pillars of Old Equestria and Stygian.[1]

Luna eventually did become Nightmare Moon of her own volition, but was later restored to normal by the Elements of Harmony. However, after observing her and Celestia feuding with one another after being sent to them by the Cutie Map, Starlight Glimmer became concerned for the sisters’ relationship. This fear and pressure from Twilight Sparkle over her attempts to reconcile the two led to Starlight experiencing a nightmare. In it, the tension between the sisters culminated in Luna becoming Nightmare Moon yet again, while Celestia transformed into Daybreaker.

As the dream versions of the two villains clashed, Starlight’s anxiety continued to build, while the true Celestia-temporarily gifted with Luna’s dream powers-struggled to find a solution. Daybreaker eventually gained the upper hand, and seemed poised to destroy her sister. However, Celestia-having received guidance and encouragement from her own sister-intervened. She renounced Daybreaker as a dream, and vowed that she would never be a reality, before banishing both nightmarish combatants.[2]

Daybreaker was not wholly forgotten, as Twilight-affected by the Magic of King Sombra-later envisioned Celestia transforming into her malevolent alter ego.[3] Daybreaker’s helmet-most likely the one Celestia was fitted with in the Mirror-Universe-was also seen alongside various other evil artifacts in Celestia’s collection.[4]


Daybreaker shares Celestia's adult height and has a similarly colored coat, and has Celestia's Cutie Mark surrounded by a patch of fiery orange. Where Celestia has a rainbow colored main and tail, Daybreaker's appear to be made of fire. Her eyes have golden irises and sclera that are reddish-brown. She also wears a formidable looking set of armor.


The nightmare version of Daybreaker evidenced a maniacal personality not unlike that of Nightmare Moon, indulging in villainous laughter. Confronted with the real Celestia, she demonstrated feelings of superiority and vanity, and tried to persuade her that she didn’t need her sister or anyone else. She demonstrated a willingness, indeed eagerness, to destroy anycreature who opposed her, attempting to do so to the dream Nightmare Moon and expressing the wish that she had done so instead of banishing her to the Moon. She dismissed Starlight’s pleas that both sisters were needed for balance, and mocked Nightmare Moon for being weaker than her and for her dark motif. When Celestia finally confronted her, she claimed to embody Celestia’s true desires, only to be rejected.


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