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"Three's A Crowd"
My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel #3

Abyssinia is a kingdom located in the Mysterious South, south of Equestria by the Bone Dry Desert. It's a largely peaceful kingdom with kind monarchs and well-developed cities and appears to be in many ways, the cat "equivalent" of Equestria.


The early history of Abyssinia is quite vague. The kingdom, or at least its capital of Panthera was settled on the borders of a cat-like lake by the Cat lords. The Tree of Purpose, which was gifted to ancient Abyssinia by the Knights of Harmony, was housed in a temple where Panthera eventually came to stand: it is unknown whether the tree was placed in the city or if the city was established after the temple had been built there. Unfortunately, the machinations of Discord led to Abyssinia declaring war on the Knights' kingdom of Cunabula, in which they were joined by Caninia and Farasi.

The Knights of Harmony defeated Abyssinia and its allies, and caused Abyssinia's temple of Harmony to be buried along with its Tree and Elements of Harmony. The existence of these was all but forgotten, and a palace used by the Abyssinian Royal Family was later built atop the buried temple.[1] At some point, Abyssinia came in contact with the "Misfortune Malachite", an artifact they housed to keep it from causing misfortune to others.

A fairly industrious kingdom, Abyssinia had numerous other cities within its borders by the Era of Twilight, such as Tabbytown and Henry. Rarity and the Mane Six apparently had a history of getting arrested in Abyssinia, with Rarity claiming it was "strangely litigious". It was eventually conquered by the Storm King, who plundered various magical treasures-including the Misfortune Malachite-before leaving the kingdom in ruins, having no interest in adding it to his empire. Abyssinia eventually recovered from this assault, no doubt aided by the fall of the Storm King and his army some time later.

Representatives from Abyssinia attended the Convocation of the Creatures on Mount Metazoa following the defeat of the Storm King. A group of ambassadors from Abyssinia later visited Canterlot, Equestria implying good relations between the two nations. Later, Queen Twilight Sparkle sent an embassy of her own to visit Abyssinia, including Abyssinian native son Capper. Unfortunately, the group arrived to find that, in the aftermath of the Storm King's invasion, Panthera had been transformed into an isolationist, magic-hating police state under King Meowmeow. They were promptly imprisoned, but soon freed by the Abyssinian Underground, with whom they succeeded in locating and reactivating the temple underneath the city. The allies were able to bring an end to Meowmeow's cruel reign, and Abyssinia was flooded with magic which some of its inhabitants gained the ability to wield.[2][3]

Geography and location

In the original map of Abyssinia, the continent was shown to be huge and vaguely L-shaped with mountainous terrain. The location of the kingdom is now unknown, given how what little of the geography we've seen of the place doesn't seem to add up with the layout of the Mysterious South. The kingdom appears to be mostly an even-temperament with large bodies of water and a decent amount of vegetation, but nearby locations such as Klugetown and the Basalt Beach are almost completely barren and dry.

Although Klugetown tends to be lopped in with Abyssinia, Chummer actually remarked that the Bone Dry Desert, which surrounds all of Klugetown, was outside of Abyssinia's borders.

Settlements and places


Behind the scenes

Abyssinia is named after both the real-life cat breed and a region of the real worth now known as Ethiopia. The location was first first mentioned in "Ponies of Dark Water" in 2016 and made its first true appearance in "Storm King". Ever since then, the location has become a consistent aspect of the My Little Pony mythos, with it being mentioned in Tails of Equestria: The Official Movie Sourcebook, Ponyville Mysteries and the Gameloft video game.



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