Golden Oak Library was a library situated in the middle of Ponyville and served as the residency of Twilight Sparkle throughout the Era of Harmony and into the early periods of the Era of Twilight. It was destroyed by Tirek during his initial conquests of the realm.

Golden Oak Library
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The early history of the library is pretty much unknown. Given that it was free for Twilight and Spike to inhabit and work at, t was most likely closed long ago. It seems to be the only library in Ponyville, though numerous bookshops populate the city. Because of this, it was quite popular with Miss Cheerilee and other customers.

Twilight held her first sleepover in the house and loved every bit of it as she got to spend some real personal time with her two friends, Rarity and Applejack. However, the house was almost destroyed during the sleepover due to a terrible thunder storm knocking down trees and causing other disasters.[1]

After Twilight, Spike and her friends gazed upon the Centennial Celebration, Twilight adopted Owlowiscious, a very intelligent owl. Owlowiscious's presence caused Spike to grow jealous and unloved, causing him to run away from the library, but Twilight and Owlowiscious saved his life when he wondered into the cave of Gostir, a cruel dragon. In the process, Spike learned that Twilight still loved him, and he grew to love Owlowiscious as well.[2]

After his failed dragon migration and run-in with Garble, Fume and Clump, Spike hatched the phoenix egg he managed to save in the library, naming the baby phoenix Pee Wee.[3] He helped raise the little guy in the house, but eventually gave reunited him with his parents.[4] At some point afterwards, Spike would raise a group of Seamonkey's. Though his efforts were well-intentioned, it quickly got out of hand, but he was able to teach the creatures ethics, kindness and basic manners, allowing them to leave him and grow on their own.[5]

During the Changeling wars, the Mane Six bunkered in the library as the Changeling Army invaded Ponyville.[6]

Lady Library

After Twilight Sparkle awoke Mr. Titter Tree, the tree became infatuated with the library, much to Twilight's shock. Regardless, she gave her house sentience so the tree could have a friend. Her library became "Lady Library" in the process and was enamored with Titter's *ahem* trunk size.[7]

The house was ultimately destroyed when Tirek blasted it away, though thankfully every living creature in the library managed to escape in time.[8]

Years later, Spike choked up when he was talking about the library, realizing it was truly gone.[9]



In My Little Pony (Gameloft), the library is referred to as Twilight's Library, and serves as a residence prior to completing the Tirek quest. Afterwards, the Castle of Friendship replaces the library, which instead becomes a decor item. It is home to several different characters, some of whom are variations of each other:


  • Town: Ponyville
  • Size: 4x4
  • Build Time: 5m
  • Build Skip: 1 Gem
  • Build Reward: 40 Experience

In other realities


  • Twilight Sparkle suffered from a nightmare in which all of Ponyville, including her library, was destroyed.[10]


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