Sunny Starscout

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Sunny Starscout
A New Generation character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Alicorn
ResidenceMaretime Bay
FamilyStarscout family
Real world
VoiceVanessa Hudgens (My Little Pony: A New Generation)
Jenna Warren
My Little Pony: A New Generation

Sunny Starscout is an Earth Pony from Maretime Bay.


Early life

Sunny was raised by a seemingly single father named Argyle in a lighthouse at the edge of Maretime Bay. The two were incredibly close and loving as Argyle helped teach his daughter about the history of Equestria, and most importantly, the time when the pony tribes got along and lived in unity. During this time, Sunny befriended Sprout and Hitch Trailblazer, who would remain her only friends in the city. On one day, Sunny and her father sent out a balloon wth a message on it stating that any pegasus or unicorn would have friends in Maretime Bay.


Sunny's defining characteristics are her open-minded nature and her ability to go up and beyond to heed the call of duty. She was raised by her father to love and respect everypony, even those of different pony tribes. These two traits manifested initially into her becoming an activist who openly protested Canterlogic at any opportunity she could, and took joy in crashing their annual shows. Although undoubtable altruistic, it was pointed out by Hitch that her actions were still largely self-centered and that if she truly wanted to make an impact, she would have to do what she said. Of which, Sunny of course did exactly that.

Despite her open-mind, Sunny still did buy into stereotypes of the outside world and remained ignorant on the cultures of other tribes until she personally met members from them. She still feared that Izzy was going to 'zap' her, and believed that she was reading her mind during their entire interactions, though these beliefs were ironed out as the two grew close.

In addition of her love of other tribes, Sunny is a very kind, friendly, and good-natured pony. Despite his toxic beliefs and personality, Sunny was able to remain friends with Sprout, albeit in a very one-sided friendship, with her showing him love and affection, while he simply showed her rudeness and later, disdain. It was due to her natural kindness that she was able to befriend so many other ponies, even those who were once her enemy. This can be seen in how quickly she made an ally out of Pipp Petals, even after accidentally humiliating her and having her mother arrested.

Within her friend dynamics, Sunny is often the 'straight-man' and voice of reason.

Sunny can also be seen as somewhat of a tomboy, given her love of some boyish activities such as skating.


Behind the scenes

In other media

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Vanessa Hudgens (My Little Pony: A New Generation)
Jenna Warren
Arabic Mary Nakhoul
Croatian Mateja Majerle
Czech Vendula Příhodová
Danish Mira Andrea Balloli
Dutch Isabel Commandeur
Finnish Maija Lang
Anni Kajos (singing)
French (Europe) Sofia Atman (trailor)
Cerise Calixte
German Laura Elßel (main)
Anni C. Salander (young)
Greek Elena Delakoura
Hebrew Alona Alexander
Hindi Surbhi Sribastava
Hungarian Zsanett Czető (speaking)
Viktória Békefi (singing)
Indonesian Nurul Ulfah
Japanese Takai Mizuno
Italian Giulia Maniglio
Khmer {{{kh}}}
Korean Sa Moon-yeong
Malay Izwanna Sulaiman (speaking)
Alesia Dhana (singing)
Norwegian Marion Ravn
Polish Marta Burdynowicz
Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil) Victória Kühl (main)
Raíssa Bueno (young)
Portuguese (Portugal) Sissi Martins
Romanian Nicol Rădulescu
Russian Mariya Ivashchenko
Spanish Spanish (Latin America) Leslie Gil Template:Cn
Belinda Peregrín
Spanish (Europe) Nerea Alfonso
Swedish Elsa Fryklund
Thai Boonrasri Chayawan
Turkish Cansın Açar
Ukrainian Maryna Loktionova
Vietnamese Ngô Thị Mỹ Lợi



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