Prince Blueblood

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Prince Blueblood
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
FamilyPrincess Celestia ("distantly related")
Real world
"The Ticket Master" (imagined)
"The Best Night Ever" (physical appearance)

Prince Blueblood is a unicorn stallion who is distantly related to Princess Celestia, making him distantly related to Princess Luna and King Leo as well. He was once the apple of Rarity's eyes, but after realizing what a self-centered brat he was, she quickly moved on.


The Gala

Rarity first envisioned Blueblood when she attempted to convince Twilight Sparkle to give her tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala so she could win over Blueblood and marry the prince.[1]

When Blueblood first approached Rarity at the Gala, he was at first suave, but quickly showed his true colors when he took a rose that Rarity was eyeing for himself and stuffed it in his suit, saying it went wonderful with his eyes. Their interactions later were similar, with Blueblood appearing to do something kind for Rarity, only to take it for himself, such as when he laid out a pillow, seemingly for her, but used it for himself. Rarity continued to put up with him, hoping to find a more "princely" side to his personality before long, though she began to give up hope when he used her clothes to cover up a small puddle of water so he wouldn't slip. The mare nearly snapped when Blueblood demanded her to open the door for him.

When he approached Applejack's food booth and ate some of her food, he was disgusted that he ate "commoner" food and went back into Canterlot Castle to eat proper royal food. Later, when a cake went flying, he used Rarity to shield himself, finally causing the mare to snap and chew him out for his rude and insufferable behavior. Blueblood was frightened by this, as he apparently just got groomed, which caused Rarity to retaliate but shaking all the cake that fell on her onto him.[2]

Mission in Yakyakistan

When urgent business came up, Princess Cadance could no longer aid Shining Armor on his trip to Yakyakistan, so Blueblood acted as her replacement. When he first entered Crystal Castle, he was in awe of its beauty. He kept playing with the things he found and even complimented King Sombra for his taste in architecture. After the three princesses flew off, he told Shining that Cadance must've been lucky to marry somepony like him, since she was only an orphan.

During their trek into Yakyakistan, Blueblood road in the B.B. Express while Shining Armor walked in the blizzard alone. Shining tried to insult him for using the labor of others, but the guards accompanying Blueblood were all too happy to serve their prince.

Blueblood beat Shining to the kingdom and made conversation with the Yak guards, whom he quickly befriended. In the castle, Shining told Blueblood to not discuss with Prince Rutherford, as his personality could annoy the prince. Blueblood agreed and let Shining Armor handle the diplomacy. In the throne room, Shining Armor made a fool of himself in front of Rutherford, though Blueblood was able to bail him out with his charismatic personality. Over the course of their stay, Shining Armor continued to make a fool of himself when he tried to appear respectful, while Blueblood continued to befriend the Yaks, such as Yakmina.

That night, Blueblood began to talk business with Rutherford after the two had a good time together. Shining Armor woke up, worried that Rutherford would late Blueblood, but after he saw the two getting along, he knew it would work out and fell back asleep.

The next morning, the two princes had a feast with Rutherford and Blueblood secured several gifts, most of which he decided to give to Cadance. The two walked back to the Crystal Empire. When Shining Armor asked if Blueblood could teach him how to be an ambassador, Blueblood wondered if he could handle the hardwork. Later, Shining Armor wrote to Princess Celestia about his experiences with Blueblood.[3]

High Society

Despite their altercation, Blueblood later appeared genial towards Rarity when-at the invitation of Fancy Pants-she attended various social events in Canterlot.[4] Later, when Twilight was working to undo the effects of Starswirl the Bearded's spell on her friends, Rarity's restored memories included her unfortunate night in Blueblood's company.[5] Blueblood later attended the Equestria Games at the Crystal Empire, sharing a box with the Four Princesses of Equestria and various other notables from across Equestria.[6]


Blueblood was described as being "charismatic" by Celestia, but was given much less flattering descriptions by most other figures in his life. Rarity described him as a "royal pain" and Shining Armor believed his personality would rub others the wrong way. Nonetheless, Blueblood was a skilled diplomat and a genuinely good-hearted stallion.

In his debut appearance, Blueblood was whiny, selfish and scared to get dirty.



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