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The What's Hot collection is a feature in My Little Pony (Gameloft). Unlike most of the game's collections, the What's Hot collection actually changes regularly, with different characters and/or costumes appearing and different rewards being offered for collecting them all.

Known Collections

Abyssinian Adventure!

Adventures in Rockology

Applejack Dreams of Robot Ponies


Appleoosa's Most Wanted

Azure Mermare

Boss Rush--Nightmare Mode

Bump, Set, Spike!



The Case of the Pilfered Pins!

Changeling History

Chaos and Crowns

The Crowning Achievement

Crystal Ghost Chaos!

Cutie Mark Deuxsaders

Danger in Dimondia

Dash to the Future

Equestria Games

Fluttershy Leans In/
Parental Glideance

Generation Gap - Picnic Day!


Generations - Dance Party!


Growing Up is Hard to Do

A Hearth's Warming Tale

High Plains Ponies

Holiday 2024

Holiday Super Chef Competition

The Hooffields and McColts

I Dream of Breezies

Kid's Play

The League of Evil

A Mermare's Tale

A Mistmane New Year

The Nightmare Before Hearth's Warming

Nightmare Rarity, Retold

The Perfect Pear

The Pinkie Parents Problem


Pirate Mane 6

Ponies of the Dark Water

Prank to the Future

Presentable in Periwinkle

Rarity's Retro Redux

Reflections of Harmony

Retro Mane 6

Rin Rage

Royal Dining

Seaquestria Couture

She's All Yak

Sire's Hollow

Stranger Than Fan Fiction

The Tale of Tirek

The Tale of Tirek Part Two/
Hearts and Hooves and Claws Day

The Tale of Tirek Part Three

The Thracian Infiltration

Top Bolt

Viva La Pinkie Pie

Welcome Back Twilight

Welcome to Ornithia

Wonderbolt for a Day



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