King Orion

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King Orion
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Sparkly-Eyed Pegasus
FamilyOrion family
Real world
The Many Tales of Queen Chrysalis

King Orion was once the king of the wealthy, Sparkly-Eyed Pegasus city of Timbucktu approximately 1,000 years ago (as of Twilight's princesshood). Noted for being a kind and just king, Orion was a stoic figure who bravely fought to protect his people from the evil Changelings, though ultimately lost the battle.


Template:Myth King Orion ruled over his people for an unknown period of time, but given the amount of praise he was given, it appeared to be quite long. When the Changelings invaded his kingdom, Orion fought on the front lines with raw strength to defeat the magical invaders. After his guard ordered a retreat, Orion followed suit, implying a high level of trust of his men. When the guard turned out to be Queen Chrysalis in disguise, Orion attempted to defeat the queen but was quickly defeated. Realizing his kingdom was done for, Orion simply flew into the sky, never to be seen again.


According to Rainbow Dash, after Orion flew into the sky, he became one with the night sky, becoming starlight in the form of a constellation.

Orion's exploits were mostly forgotten, but he remained relevant to some.

Rainbow Dash was a huge fan of him, and described him as kind, just, brave and most of all, filthy rich. Queen Chrysalis described him as an "imbecile", but was strangely happy that he remained remembered and well-known by some, and especially loved the bit where he became a star.


Orion was shown to be trusting, kind, courageous and lionhearted. He as very determined, as when he was on his last legs, he was capable of flying into the deep sky.


  • Flight: As a pegasus, King Orion has the natural ability to fly.
  • Strength: Rainbow Dash complimented Orion's raw strength. He was strong enough to defeat numerous Changelings at once, something the Mane Six struggled with at first.


Behind the scenes

Character history

King Orion first appeared in the semi-canon story, The Many Tales of Queen Chrysalis in the "tale". His story was an unreliable narration by Rainbow Dash, meaning the accuracy of her tale is probably low. Twilight and Rarity both admit that Dash's story is probably not at all accurate, but appreciated the story nonetheless.


King Orion was likely inspired by stories of Atlantean rulers, given his larger-than-life kingdom, legendary status and the fact tat e hails from a forgotten civilization that birthed a seemingly lost race, in his case, the Sparkly-Eyed Pegasus.


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