Private Pansy

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Private Pansy
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
AffiliationPegasus tribe
Real world
VoiceAndrea Libman
"Hearth's Warming Eve"

Private Pansy was a private in the service of Commander Hurricane the Pegasus tribe at the time of the Founding of Equestria.



Born in the Pre-Equestrian era, Private Pansy was likely born in Cloudsdale. After a failed attempt at diplomacy at the Three Tribes Summit to figure out what to do about the deplenishing food during the Long Winter, Hurricane took her to explore the countryside of their land to found a new settlement. They came across the land described as "paradise", roughly in the Canterlot Valley, near the Great Valley River region, where they intended to found the realm of Pegasopolis.

However, they founded the land near other settlements by the two other rulers of the Three Tribes and in-fighting broke up, causing the pristine land of paradise to freeze over once again. Pansy and the others took refuge in the cold and desolate cave where the rulers began to draw up borders.

As the fighting waged on, the rulers themselves froze over, but Pansy and the other assistants, Smart Cookie and Clover the Clever became quick friends, bonding over the incompetencies of their higher ups while also hitting it off. Together, they told stories for hours about themselves, and though they began to freeze over, they did so knowing it was with their fellow ponies. Soon, the warmth of their friendship helped melt away the icy shells and hard hearts of their rulers, and the ice that covered paradise itself. Together, the six ponies founded the land of Equestria.


Private Pansy was a character featured in productions of The Founding of Equestria. In the Era of Harmony production in Canterlot, she was portrayed by Fluttershy.


Private Pansy was much like Fluttershy, possessing a meek-at times even skittish-personality, which proved a great disadvantage in her service to Commander Hurricane. The polar opposite of her belligerent superior, she was typically bullied into carrying out his orders in spite of her own desires for peace and calm. She also lacked Hurricane's disdain for members of the other tribes, bonding easily with Smart Cookie and Clover over dislike for her superior, something both the others could relate to. Also like Fluttershy, various sources indicate that she enjoyed the company of animals-so much so that she never achieved a higher rank among the Pegasus military.

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