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FIM11 8-Bit.png
Species Pony
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
Education Canterlot Academy
Nationality Equestrian
Siblings 8-Bit's sister
First neigh anything...
Last Fiendship is Magic #5

8-Bit is a Pegasus Stallion Pony who lives in Canterlot. He's close friends with Shining Armor, Gizmo and Gaffer. He was a member of the The Mystic Knights of the Electric Stable as a drummer and the "geeks". He roleplays as Lorne of Lore.


Lorne of Lore[edit]

To be written[1]

The Mystic Knights[edit]

To be written[2][3]

Romancing Rarity[edit]

With the help of Shining Armor, 8-Bit was able to secure a date with Rarity. The two dined at The Ritzy Hay Bale and though it seemed like the date was going swimmingly at first, things soon took a turn for he worst when Rarity would just not stop talking about herself. Unable to find a foot hold in the conversation, 8-Bit eventually grew bored and went asleep at the table, causing the date to crumble. Later, Rarity believed 8-Bit to actually be a changeling, as she thought no one could think she was that boring.[4]


Realistic and serious-minded, 8-Bit tended to be the most down to earth member of the Mystic Knights. While he never thought his friends went to far in their quest to humiliate Buck, he did begin to believe their methods were getting outrageous and implausible. 8-Bit was brave and daring, willing to do increasingly dangerous stunts just so his buddy could get with the girl of his dreams. 8-Bit was a great friend who showed his friends brotherly affection and good-will, he was also very loyal, sticking by Shining Armor through his love-sick days even when he found it annoying.

When he dated Rarity, he was very polite and friendly, but after realizing he couldn't get a word in with her constant talking, he ended falling asleep.

Behind the scenes[edit]

8-Bit's name is derived from 8-Bit graphics, a popular style of graphics used in the 1970s and most of the 1980s. Along with Gaffer, he was created in the story neigh anything... to be one of Shining Armor's friends. Unlike Shining or Gizmo, he has yet to appear in the cartoon. He later appeared as a cameo in The Many Tales of Queen Chrysalis as he briefly went on a date with Rarity despite the notable age difference, as he was already an adult when Rarity was still a filly.



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