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Not to be confused with Shadow (pony)
Friendship is Magic character
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SpeciesCat lord
Real world
Friendship is Magic issue 96

Shadow is a member of Capper's gang. She and her friends wield the Abyssinian Elements of Harmony, with Shadow embodying Magic.


Together with her closest friends, Shadow lived on the streets of Panthera, Abyssinia’s capitol, as a youth. In a gang of cat lords who thieved and hid to survive, Shadow was an artist of breaking into and out of locations as the situation demanded. Her talents were aided by the group’s discovery of a network of tunnels beneath the city, which they used to avoid detection by the authorities or any other citizens. However, the young urchins were, like their neighbors, affected by the Sacking of Panthera. The Storm King’s invasion saw Capper and Chummer separated from the others.[1]Friendship is Magic #96</ref name>

Chummer would eventually return and reunite with Shadow and the others. Unfortunately, Panthera had changed for the worse during his absence, with King Meowmeow turning the city into a totalitarian regime. Shadow and her friends turned the skills they had once used for crime to the cause of resisting the despotic monarch. Many other cats came into the care of what became known as the Abyssinian Underground. During an expedition through the tunnels to find food, Shadow spotted several Royal Guards of Abyssinia guarding a mysterious door her friends had discovered years earlier.[2]Friendship is Magic #97</ref name>

Some time later Capper, making his own return to Panthera, spoke to Team Fluttershy about his old friends. After the newcomers were thrown into prison, Shadow broke in. Following a warm reunion with Capper, she led the group out. Admiral Fluffington, Max, and Molly also assisted on the rescue, allowing the party to make their way underground. There, they reunited with the rest of the underground, including Chummer.[1]

Capper’s new and old friends soon set off together, bringing Capper up to speed as they talked. Shadow eventually became annoyed with the group’s chatter and went ahead to scout with only Fluttershy for company. Chummer, meanwhile, explained that they had learned that the door Shadow had recently revisited was believed to lead to a magical temple. Shadow and Fluttershy then returned with news of an increased guard on the door. The group then concocted a scheme to distract the guards and allow Capper to employ his expert lock picking skills.

As it turned out, this played into the plane of Meowmeow, who had failed to breach the temple himself. Determined to rid Abyssinia of the magic he hated and feared, he sought to destroy what lay within: the Tree of Purpose. Shadow and her friends fought back against the king and his guards. Afterwards, the former thieves proved to be embodiments of the Elements of Harmony. Shadow also underwent a physical transformation, gaining certain features of an Anugyptian cat.

As a result of the change and the new magical abilities that came with it, Shadow was identified as the Element of Magic. Baffled, she briefly protested her new role but was reassured by Fluttershy. She and her old friends then emerged from the now elevated temple to greet their people, with Shadow conversing with other newly magical cat lords.[2] Later, back in her normal form, Shadow joined her friends and the Element wielders of Caninia, Farasi, and Ornithia in joining in the defense of Canterlot. After helping counter the destruction wreaked by the Knights of Harmony, they joined in defeating those antagonists and standing alongside their allies from Equestria in solidarity.[3]

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