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S8E7 Gallus.png
Species Griffon
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Affiliation School of Friendship
Nationality Griffonstone
Residence Ponyville, Equestria
Family None[1]
First "School Daze"

Gallus is a male, blue Griffon from Griffonstone, Griffon continent. A smart-mouthed, wise-cracking young griff, Gallus had a lonely childhood raised in the apathetic and uncaring streets of Griffonstone with no family or any friends to call his own. Despite his rude demeanor, Gallus is truly kind and caring and loves his friends dearly despite his brash nature.


Early life[edit]

Gallus during the Blue Moon Festival

Gallus was either born in or raised in Griffonstone, a kingdom on the Griffon continent east of Equestria. There, Gallus had no family or friends. Despite having the typical personality of a Griffon, Gallus hated how rude and uncaring Griffons were and often envied Gilda for having people to spend time with, even if that time was unpleasant and vitriolic.[1] Despite referring to Grampa Gruff as "grampa", the two are not related.[2] As a child, Gallus didn't celebrate any holidays, as Griffon's didn't have any, but was always jealous of the idea of "Hearth's Warming Eve" or an equivalent to it.[3] Unlike other Griffons, Gallus never celebrated the Blue Moon Festival.

Later life[edit]

Years after the Apocalypse, Gallus served Queen Twilight as a member of the Royal Guards of Equestria. He announced Luster Dawn when she arrived to see the queen.[4]


Gallus is a small, young, blue Griffon with yellow gradient feathers. His underbelly has a tannish color while his eyes are blue. He typically wears an apathetic or annoyed face, but has shown true happiness on a number of occasions.


Rainbow Dash, right? Gilda told me about you. Huh. Thought you'd be... cooler.

Among the Young Six, Gallus is portrayed as sarcastic and rude, similar to most griffons. Like Smolder, he is resistant to the idea of friendship and openly ridicules others like Sandbar and Yona. After getting to know some of his fellow students, however, he acts more friendly and warm but maintains some level of nonchalance. Gallus seems to prefer coming off as non-studious, as suggested in "A Matter of Principals". After talking about the history of King Grover's crown, he tells Silverstream not to tell anyone he actually pays attention in class. In "What Lies Beneath", it is revealed that Gallus is claustrophobic.



Behind the scenes[edit]


Friendship is Magic cartoon[edit]

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