Silverstream (Hippogriff)

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You may be looking for the Silverstream that appeared in Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare.
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
NationalityHippogriff Kingdom
FamilyHippogriff royal family
AffiliationYoung Six
School of Friendship
Real world
VoiceLauren Jackson
School Daze

Silverstream is a female Hippogriff and one of the first non-pony students at the School of Friendship.


Friendship Student

Silverstream was brought to the School of Friendship by General Seaspray. Though highly enthusiastic about attending to begin with, her energy was blunted by Twilight Sparkle's strict adherence to EEA guidelines. As a result, she and several other students-Gallus the Griffon, Ocellus the Changeling, Sandbar the Earth Pony, Smolder the Dragon, and Yona the Yak-ditched class on Friends and Family Day, bonding with each other as a result. Unfortunately, the disturbance caused by their return to the event angered Chancellor Neighsay, who closed the school. Seaspray then took Silverstream back to Mount Aris after Neighsay insulted non-ponies.

After Twilight Sparkle became the one princess of Equestria, Silverstream may have moved into the Castle of Friendship, as it became used as dormitory space for students.[1]

Later life

It was unclear what Silverstream did in her later life. She appeared to either live in Ponyville or at least visit the town. It is possible that she eventually took up a teaching position at the School of Friendship.[2]


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