Clover the Clever

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Clover the Clever
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
NationalityUnicorn kingdom
ResidenceAncient Abode (mobile game)
AffiliationUnicorn tribe
Real world
VoiceTara Strong
"Hearth's Warming Eve"

Clover the Clever was a Unicorn Wizard and apprentice to Starswirl the Bearded in the Pre-Equestrian age and early days of Equestria.



Born in the Pre-Equestrian era, Clover was mentored by Starswirl the Bearded, benefitting greatly from the experience of the older Unicorn. Unfortunately, Clover was also forced to attend to Princess Platinum, the spoiled daughter of King Bullion. He had hoped that the Three Tribes Summit, which Platinum attended, might bring the Unicorns together with their Earth Pony and Pegasus neighbors in the midst of the unnatural winter that plagued all three of them. Sadly, negotiations went nowhere, due in no small part to Platinum's superior attitude, and Clover was forced to accompany his princess as she set off in search of a new homeland.

Despite his best efforts to reason with the prissy princess, Clover was ignored by Platinum and forced to carry her through the wintry terrain when she expressed fear that her attire might be damaged. Eventually, the pair arrived in a wondrous new land, which Princess Platinum eagerly dubbed Unicornia. However, the other tribe leaders, Chancellor Puddinghead and Commander Hurricane, accompanied by their aides Smart Cookie and Private Pansy, had also located and laid claim to the new territory. When Platinum ordered Clover to imprison Hurricane, Clover balked at the absurdity of this suggestion, and urged that the feuding leaders calm down.

Unfortunately, Clover's suggestion-backed by Pansy and Smart Cookie-went unheeded, and the wintry weather that had plagued the Old Lands descended upon their newfound paradise. The six ponies took refuge in a cave, and Clover was bullied into joining the other aides in drawing up borders as their leaders laid claim to various parts of the cave. As the feud continued, Clover was the first to notice the entrance to the cave icing over, and looked on in horror as the ice covered Platinum and the other leaders. When the source of the storm revealed itself to the three aides, Clover recognized it as the Windigos, winter spirits of hatred he had learned of from his mentor Starswirl.

As Clover and Smart Cookie lamented the hatred that had grown between their tribes, Private Pansy noted that she harbored no such ill feelings towards them, and the others agreed. All three soon began to bond as Pansy expressed her dislike of Hurricane, and just as the ice enveloped them all, their newfound friendship kindled the Fire of Friendship, which drove back the ice. Recognizing that this phenomenon was not the product of his magic alone, but a manifestation of their bond, Clover joined the others in sharing stories and songs throughout the night, which eventually thawed the leaders and eventually drove the Windigos and their chill out of the new land. The six ponies came together to name their new homeland, which they agreed the tribes would share, Equestria.


Clover the Clever was a character featured in productions of The Founding of Equestria. In the Era of Harmony production in Canterlot, he was portrayed by Twilight Sparkle, and treated as a mare in the context of the pageant.


Clover the Clever was a thoughtful individual who hoped for and sought peace and understanding between ponies of his own tribe as well as others. He was also respectful of authority, heeding Princess Platinum's whims and orders despite the fact that he disagreed with many of her opinions and didn't sympathize with her spoiled attitude.

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