Burnt Oak

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Burnt Oak
S7E13 Burnt Oak.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Male
Occupation Shopkeeper
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Ponyville
Real world
Voice actor Bill Mondy
First "The Perfect Pear"
Last "The Last Problem"

Burnt Oak was an aged stallion who lived in Ponyville, Equestria. He was a good friend of Bright Mac, before his friends' untimely death.


In his youth, he and Bright Mac were close friends who enjoyed racing. One day, the two were racing in Sweet Apple Acres and Bright Mac was winning, until he ended up distracted when he saw Pear Butter and ended up crashing into a water silo in the nearby Pear farm. Burnt Oak tried to get his friend out of the bad situation, but Bright Mac told Pear Butter, the owner of the farm, that it was his fault that the silo was destroyed.

Sometime later, Burnt Oak was among the two ponies to appear at Bright Mac and Pear Butter's wedding, the other being Cup Cake, though he appeared to leave after Granny Smith and Grand Pear arrived at the scene.

In his adult life, Burnt Oak opened a shop on Ponyville market street where he sold and chopped wood. He became one of the storytellers the Apple family visited to learn about their parents, and after he told them his portion of the story, he sent them to Cup Cake to hear her portion.


Burnt Oak had a gentle, wise and warm disposition. He clearly held the Apple family in high regard, warmly welcoming them to his shop, and knew them well enough to know they weren't interested in buying wood. He loved his friend, Bright Mac, dearly and seemed to have great respect for Pear Butter as well. He enjoyed talking about his late friend, seemingly having no ill words to say about him.

In his youth however, Burnt Oak didn't appear to be particularly honest. He tried to goad his friend into not telling the truth that he broke the water silo, but of course, Bright Mac refused. It's unclear if this attitude stuck around in his adult life.



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