Swift Foot

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Swift Foot
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Thracian
ResidenceThracian Palace
FamilyThracian royal family
Real world
Feats of Friendship #1
My Little Pony: Magic Princess

Swift Foot was the daughter of King Diomedes and a foreign exchange student at the School of Friendship. A Thracian, Swift Foot was sent to the school in order to expose the frailty of friendship by her father, who left mainland Equestria after the Founding of Equestria and wished to become the King of Equestria.


A member of the Thracian Pony Tribe and daughter of King Diomedes, an apparent offshoot of the Earth Ponies, Swift Foot was sent to the School of Friendship to infiltrate and disrupt the Feats of Friendship by her father. To that end, after being added to the Young Six team by Twilight Sparkle for the feats, she set about sowing discord among them. This included reminding Silverstream that the Ponies didn't act against the Storm King until their own home was invaded, and appealing to Gallus' natural griffon pridefulness. Smolder and Yona were made to feel as though the Ponies didn't consider their food and culture, while Ocellus was made to see the new friendship between the Changelings and Ponies in a negative light.

When it came to Sandbar, who had developed a crush on her at first sight, Swift Foot used the discontent she had stirred among his friends as evidence that they didn't appreciate their Pony friends. Upon returning to her rooms in a Ponyville inn, Swift Foot used magic to contact her father and update him on her progress. As the Feats began, Swift Foot reflected on the rejection of her ancestor King Thrace by the Founders of Equestria, and the Thracians' determination to destroy the hated friendship between the other tribes. To that end, she sabotaged her team's efforts to collect apples, making Yona feel unappreciated and using Sandbar's crush on her to distract him.

Despite Swift Foot's efforts, she actually helped the Young Six win the challenge when she was spooked by an Orthros. However, she quickly turned her attention to trying to hinder the group's efforts to build a bridge during the second event, and enjoyed much greater success. The group were then assigned to transport a Chimera, and Swift Foot was actually surprised by the Young Six's ability to work together. However, her efforts to weaken their bond bore fruit, and Swift Foot gleefully anticipated the success of her mission.

Family and personal life

Swift Foot was the daughter of King Diomedes and presumably the younger sister of Blonn Di and Shining Light, both of whom she considered "the worst". She had another sister named Terri Belle, though her relationship with her as unclear. Prior to living in the Foal House in Ponyville, she lived in the Thracian Palace.

Behind the scenes

Swift Foot was introduced in the storyline My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship, which marks the My Little Pony debut of Ian Flynn.


Her name is an allusion to one of the Mares of Diomedes, specifically Podargos.


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