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Rain Shine
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Kirin
NationalityPeaks of Peril
ResidenceKirin Village
Real world
VoiceNicole Bouma
"Sounds of Silence"
"The Ending of the End"

Rain Shine is a Kirin mare and the leader of Kirin Grove in the time of Twilight Sparkle.


After an argument led to a fire in Kirin Grove, Rain Shine ordered that she and her fellow Kirin enter the Stream of Silence, which removed their ability to speak. However, after years of enduring an inability to express herself through speech, Autumn Blaze became despondent, and was thus ecstatic when she discovered a cure made from foal's-breath flowers. With her reclaimed voice, she soon drove the other inhabitants of the grove to distraction as she expressed herself through various mediums. Ultimately, Rain Shine ordered her to either reenter the stream and give up her voice again, or else leave the village. Autumn chose the latter, eventually establishing herself some distance away from her former home.

Rain Shine and the other Kirin continued to live in silence, demonstrating very little emotion as a result. Their isolation would later be broken by the arrival of Applejack and Fluttershy from Equestria, who had been sent there by the Cutie Map. Rain Shine and her fellow Kirin appeared to meet the visitors, but expressed little reaction to their arrival and of course were unable to communicate with them except through head movements. It would fall to Autumn Blaze to share the history of her people with Applejack, while Fluttershy discovered a visual representation of the events leading to the Kirin entering the Stream of Silence.

When Applejack and Fluttershy disagreed loudly over how the Kirin's situation should be handled, the Kirin prepared to immerse them in the Stream of Silence, something Rain Shine did not object to. However, Autumn Blaze arrived and, using her Nirik form, prevented the Kirin from performing this act. Her act helped convince Fluttershy that Applejack was right, and the trio worked to persuade the Kirin that they had been wrong to abandon all their emotions because of the negative ones. Rain Shine in particular seemed abashed when Autumn Blaze reminded her of her former talent for singing, which she had of course been forced to give up along with her voice.

With help from their visitors, Autumn Blaze was able to find foal's-breath and recreate the cure for her fellow Kirin. Rain Shine then expressed her gratitude to Autumn Blaze for helping them recognize the error of their ways, and happily invited her to return to the village.[1] Later in her life, Rain Shine was among the heroes who defended Equestria from the Legion of Doom.[2]


Rain Shine has the same features as many other seen Kirin, but is considerably taller/longer-limbed, similar to Princess Celestia. She has a light gray coat with lighter scales, an opal and turquoise mane, amaranth eyes, and a striped crimson horn.

In other media

Rain Shine has two variants in My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the first being based on her in-show appearance. The second, Chaos Rain Shine, depicts Rain Shine affected by Chaos Magic. This resulted in her gaining a longer mane and tail, as well as sprouting bat-like wings.



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