Pear Butter

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Pear Butter
Friendship is Magic character
Pear Butter playing the guitar
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SpeciesPony • Earth Pony
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VoiceFelicia Day
"The Perfect Pear"
"The Last Problem"

Pear Butter, affectionately known as Buttercup, was a member of the Pear family who married into the Apple family. She became the mother of Applejack and her siblings.


Early life

As a young filly, Pear Butter was the only member of the Ponyville branch of the Pear family not to be involved in the ongoing Feud Between the Apple and Pear families. She developed a friendship with Bright Mac, the sole member of the Ponyville Apple family not to take part in their relatives' hostilities, that blossomed into mutual attraction as they both grew older. On one occasion, Bright Mac accidentally knocked over a water tower on the Pear family orchard, flooding a section of their land, and was dragged out of sight by his friend Burnt Oak. Grand Pear, arriving on the scene to find Pear Butter the only pony in sight, seemed about to hold her responsible when Bright Mac stepped forward and confessed to his responsibility for the accident.

Impressed by Bright Mac's honesty, Pear Butter ignored her father's warnings about getting involved with the young stallion, and the two began a secret courtship. This was later discovered by Chiffon Swirl, Pear Butter's best friend whom she had helped discover her special talent as a baker. Chiffon stumbled upon the pair having a picnic, showing obvious amusement at their relationship, before Granny Smith appeared to drag Bright Mac away. Chiffon questioned Pear Butter, marveling that she and Bright Mac could be a couple given the tensions between their families, but Pear Butter felt no shame over her feelings.

The two would continue to bond in spite of their parents' mutual dislike, exchanging romantic notes and sneaking off to spend time together. Their loving gestures extended to helping one another with chores and taking part in a dance from opposite ends of a market area in town. Eventually, Pear Butter wrote and performed a song expressing her love for Bright Mac, who in turn revealed that he had carved their cutie marks into a rock. Unfortunately, their happiness was threatened when Grand Pear revealed that he intended to move the Pear family to Vanhoover, where they could expand their business and get away from the Apple family.

Marriage and Parenthood

Pear Butter broke the news to Bright Mac, heartbroken as she was torn between love for her family and love for him. Feeling the same way, but determined to stay with her, Bright Mac organized a wedding in secret. He brought Pear Butter to the appointed spot and expressed his feelings, which she reciprocated, and the ceremony commenced. After the two planted an apple and pear seed side-by-side and agreed that each would take the other as their spouse, Grand Pear and Granny Smith appeared demanding to know what was going on.

The two confessed their feelings for each other to their parents, and Mayor Mare concluded the ceremony, much to the pleasure of the newlyweds. Unfortunately, Grand Pear and Granny Smith both reacted with fury to this development, with the former insisting that his daughter leave Ponyville with her family. Pear Butter responded that the Apples were her family now as well, and when her father questioned whether she was choosing them over the Pears, Pear Butter tearfully questioned whether he would insist that she make such a choice. When he responded that he was, Pear Butter chose the Apples, and her father stormed off in a huff.

Pear Butter was deeply saddened, but found solace in her new husband and from Granny Smith, who had been moved by the younger mare's commitment. Though separated from her father and other blood relatives, Pear Butter made a happy live with the Ponyville Apples, and gave birth to three children: Big McIntosh, Applejack, and Apple Bloom. Due to her husband always referring to her by the nickname Buttercup, and the fact that her cutie mark could easily be mistaken for a jar of apple butter, her children never realized that she was a member of the Pear family by birth. At some point after a Confluence before Applejack received her own cutie mark, both Pear Butter and her husband passed away under unknown circumstances.




Design and nomenclature

A mare of average size, Pear Butter has a styled, seemingly curly mane and tail. Her cutie mark reflects her profession as a pear farmer and butter-brewer, which is also what her name is in reference to. In her later years, she picked up wearing a flower in her mane.

Behind the scenes



# Episode No. Role Voiced Airdate Note
1 "The Perfect Pear" S7E13 Main Yes August 5, 2017 [app 1]
2 "Going to Seed" S9E10 Minor, Flashback ? June 1, 2019 [app 2]
3 "The Last Problem" S9E26 Minor, Cameo No October 12, 2019


# Comic Story Role
1 Friendship is Magic #72 Unnamed Minor, Flashback

Notes regarding appearances

  1. Aired early on June 21, 2017 in Australia
  2. Aired early on May 17, 2017 in Italy


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