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SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
HomeReal world

Glory was a magical unicorn from the "Real world" who briefly visited the Magic world.


The girl who believed

Glory looked for a friend who believed in magic. One day, she came across a grand castle and saw a beautiful young girl. The girl hugged Glory, saying that she dreamed of Glory every night. The two nestled against one another as stars shot across the sky. The two finally met the friend that believed.[1]

The Midnight Castle

To be written[2]

Magic world

Glory felt lonely being he only magic pony in the Real world, so she wen off on her own and wished of a magical world where she wouldn't be alone. Her wish came true and she visited a magical world. Exploring the world, she was soon greeted by a seemingly kind wizard who asked her to follow him to his chamber. The wizard soon showed his true colors and stole her horn. Although she acted brave, she was scared and sad. She soon found Prince Rudolph, who was crying. She tried to make him feel better, but when Rudolph found out what his wizard Omar did to her, he helped her devise a plan to get her horn back. They tricked the wizard into flying to the moon, ad in the time he was gone, they used a magic spell to give Glory's horn back. Afterwards, while on a hill, Glory wished to go back to her home as Rudolph waved her goodbye.[3]


Glory was warmhearted, selfless and kind. She put other peoples problems before her own and tried to be helpful to others. She was very friendly and courteous to others, but also trusting and naive.


  • Magic: Being a unicorn, Glory had magical abilities, and could make wishes come true.



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