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Princess Celestia, ruling princess of Equestria

Template:Royalty (databox) Princess is a title of royalty held by females of various races, usually-but not always-the children of a King and Queen or equivalent monarchs; its male equivalent is prince.


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In Equestria and beyond, the title of princess seems to vary in terms of the power that comes with it. Princess Amore and Princess Celestia have acted in the capacity of queens of the Crystal Empire and Equestria, respectively, and have even been referred to by that title on occasion. Princess Luna is Celestia's co-ruler and Princess Cadance Amore's successor, but both appear to defer to Celestia, as did Princess Twilight Sparkle prior to Celestia’s retirement. Princess also appears to be a title of supreme authority in several other dimensions, as seen in the Mirror Universe, Eris' dimension, and the Shadow Realm.

By contrast, various non-Pony cultures or those from still other dimensions appear to regard princess as a lesser title. Princess Skystar is subordinate to her mother, Queen Novo, while Zapp of the Power Ponies dimension is a princess who seeks "to prove herself worthy of becoming queen."[1] In the case of Ember, her title of princess seemed to merely denote her status as daughter of then Dragon Lord Torch. She was unable to publicly disobey her father, and received no special consideration during the Gauntlet of Fire.

Even among ponies the title has at times been secondary to another monarch, as Princess Platinum acted on behalf of her father King Bullion. King Diomedes was the apparent supreme ruler of Thrace, with his daughters all being subordinate to him. Similarly, Queen Katherina Proudpaws and Queen Jennino Lanternlight outranked their four royal sisters until it was decided that all six would share equal authority. In Ornithia, King Thaumas seems to have held authority surpassing that of his daughter, Princess Ocypete, and his daughter-in-law, Princess Zephyra.

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Zephyr Heights is home to a royal family of Pegasi, with the princesses Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm answering to their mother, Queen Haven.

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