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Professor What
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Future Pony
OccupationChrono Agent
Real world
"Chapter 7"

Professor What, often addressed as "Master", is a Future Pony who presumably was born in a time period long after the death of Twilight Sparkle. He is the apparent leader of the Chrono Agents, a group with a mysterious agenda in present-day Ponyville, and Star Dancer's superior.


Professor What sent Star Dancer back in time to Ponyville to prepare for an unknown festival they knew would be taking place. After Pinkie Pie sensed something off about Star Dancer, the Professor instructed her to fake the part of a "Space Pony" in order to throw her off. He instructed Star Dancer to observe Pinkie so they could create a profile on her as a precaution against her threatening their plans. However, as Star Dancer later reported to him, Pinkie's personality information caused her Analyzer to explode.

The Professor then questioned whether Star Dancer's preparations would be complete in time for the festival, and was assured that they would be. Shyly, Star Dancer then invited him to visit past Ponyville; he promptly informed her that he already intended to be present for the festival, to insure that it would be one "Ponyville will never forget. Ha!"


Professor What is a mysterious individual, originally seen only in silhouette with a high-collared cape, a short slicked back mane, and a short beard. He appears very focused on his goals, and thus apparently oblivious to Star Dancer's feelings for him, but is also capable of unorthodox planning, such as suggesting that Star Dancer create the false impression of being a Space Pony.


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